Thursday 16 December 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Oh, Santa, It's Been A Real Hard Year


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It's Thursday, Christmas is rapidly approaching, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Shows

Let's talk Hawkeye - episode 4!

This week's offering from yours truly is spoiler-free; you're welcome.

To me, this episode felt a little like a fill-in episode 

- I still enjoyed the hell out of it, but it was clear we had some plot details to either resolve or set-up, and that's what this episode was for.

Lucky the pizza dog is still adorable, Clint is still grouchy-but-soft, Kate is still out of her depth but loving it. 

Kate Bichop (Hailee Steinfeld) giving Lucky the pizza dog tidbits of pizza
Via Giphy

Her mother's fiancee is still an excellent example of an actor enjoying being as unlikeable as possible, while also giving you moments which are like, 'maybe he's not so bad...' before bam! - yes he is.

He's earning his salary here, is what I'm saying 😅

Returning to the LARPers was a nice touch - especially since it gave Clint another chance to look at them like he's having an out-of-body experience.

Jeremy Renner's bamboozled-yet-secretly-loving-it face is getting a serious workout in this series.

And I love casual Black Sapphic police-lady and LARPer, Wendy Conrad. She rocks. And might be a more major character than we know... #JustSaying

Also, some accountability for the moral grey area of 'collateral damage.'

Clint grappling with the way he 'dealt with' previous MCU events, the fact that - to the government, at least - he's a fancy weapon, and weapons are meant to hurt, not help...

That's very mature of you, Marvel, well done!

And we got to see a little, tiny, bit more of Laura Barton as a functioning human being in this episode.

Normally she's just reduced to 'the wife' - i.e. motivation for Clint and a convenient childcare option. Here, she gets - however brief - to be an actual human; which is good.

I also love the whole Christmas-y bonding time we had going on.

I know people consider their jumpers (US people: 'sweaters') to be 'ugly' Christmas jumpers, but... I would legit. wear either of them with not a shred of irony. 😅

(My darling nerdlets, there's no need to hide behind irony: just love the thing, m'k? M'k.)

So, yeah, loving it so far, even if it was a filler-episode!

Other Stuff

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Also @ Book Riot, River H. Kero wrote this list of graphic memoirs by Trans authors

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Have you been watching Hawkeye?

What do you think so far?

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