Friday 21 January 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Night Magic


'The night wore on, and Merlin still hadn't found anything. The words were beginning to blur together on the page no matter how much he tried to clear his vision, so he finally gave in and went over to wake Lancelot.'

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I love the BBC TV show Merlin - and even years after it ended, it has a thriving fandom online.

...which, lucky for us, means that there are fic writers busily scribbling away to this day.

This week's fic is a fun dash of sword-and-sourcery, set in a slight AU to the series.

So, in this version of Camelot, all the knights are present and accounted for, and Merlin is actively acting as the court's sorceror.

There's also some expendable Sir This-and-That style characters, cos sometimes you need expendables, y'know.

(Fandom notes:

AU = Alternate Universe. The same, but different, to the universe we're used to the action taking place in.)

So the basics of this fic is that something is killing the good people of Camelot in their dreams.

In order to catch this fantasy creature with Freddy Krueger-style appetites, everyone has to stay awake as much as possible. Which doesn't lead to the most logical planning in the world, tbh. 😅

Merlin (Colin Morgan): I'm sure it's fine
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It's really light and entertaining, and has the monster-of-the-week vibe that a lot of the Merlin episodes - especially the early ones - have in spades.

It's a little like a mission fic, only more fantasy-y - so a quest fic, maybe? I dunno.

Whatever it is, it's a fun read.

(Fandom notes:

mission fic is a fic based on action/adventure media where there's a central, stand-alone-episode-style, adventure-based storyline. May or may not be based on a military mission.)

A couple of Content Warnings:

- sudden unnatural deaths

- dead bodies

- mild horror elements

- general violence

- family issues

- references to persecution and burning at the stake always, my Content Warnings lists aren't exhaustive, so be careful when reading.

This week's fic, then, is:

Sleep Tight Don't Let The Nightmares Bite by Aini_NuFire 

Are you a fan of monster-of-the-week style storylines?

Have you seen Merlin?

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  1. Did I ever tell you that we had to watch a few episodes of Merlin in a King Arthur course I took? I loved it and it is next on my list of new shows to watch!

    1. No you didn't - that's awesome! I hope your course did not make the mistake of referring to Arthur as 'English' though *sighs*

      Hope you enjoy your Merlin-watching! :)

    2. The professor was actually very conscious of King Arthur mistakes and was really dedicated to getting things right with the legend. So she definitely corrected the use of English to describe him!

    3. Woo! XD Even if he was in what is now England, he was not English! Most of the Celtic nations claim him in some form of other, and there are a lot of specifically local legends about Arthur and Myrddin/Merlin.

      Now the real test: did she explain that in Celtic legend, reincarnation is part of the usual afterlife procedures? ;)

    4. Haha, we actually did not get to any discussion of reincarnation! But I don't doubt that she's talked about it or researched it before. She loves all things King Arthur.

    5. *dramatic gasps* -!

      Lol, the whole Arthur-sleeping-on-Avalon thing is just regular afterlife stuff of going to Annwn before you're reincarnated. One day he'll come back is more of a practicality than a prediction ( took a while for Christianity to get a hold here - and then it was kind of adapted. I like to think our forebears were like, 'Well of course Jesus came back - what's the big deal?' Lol. Apologies for my blatant blasphemies <3 )


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