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Comics Wrap-Up - ...We Need Another Series To Deal With This, Marvel


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It's Thursday, this is Dora Reads, so let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness! 😊

TV Shows

Phew! Moon Knight episode 6. The finale. Here we go.

As with the rest of the series, there'll be a non-spoiler section to start, followed by a clearly marked SPOILER section.

There's not a lot in the non-spoiler section, sorry. There's a lot of plot in this episode!

I don't know whether there'll be a series 2 of Moon Knight - that's yet to be confirmed - but OH MY GOD WE NEED ONE!

There are unresolved things here that we totally need resolved! 

Don't leave us like this Marvel! You can't do this to us! 😅

I love the way the costume switches between Marc and Steven in this episode.

Like, they could've cheaped out and not done this rapid-fire switching-in-action, but they didn't. 

They put the effort in to differentiate between the two of them in a fast-changing situation - and I really appreciated that!

Layla's a bad-a** - which we already knew, of course - but she is a bad-a**.

She kicks butt on so many levels in this episode - I love her.

Steven in his white suit: That's it. Time out
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As far as I'm concerned, Harrow made two fatal errors in this episode:

  1. He pi**ed off Layla. And then underestimated her by not searching for her thoroughly at the pyramid. Bad move, Harrow.
  2. He woke Jake. Don't wake Jake. Don't ever wake Jake.


Jake Lockley is one of Marc and Steven's Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) alters from the comics.

He's... well it depends on what the comics creators are doing with him. But he ranges from a bit of a d**k, through to... something a lot more terrifying.

He's reckless, often cruel, and will literally do anything to get the job done.

A lot of fans love him, but... I have mixed feelings on him, tbh.

We've had hints that Jake is... around... throughout the series.

The second sarcophagus, the people that Steven did not kill because he's a precious cinnamon roll, etc.

To wait to confirm it until the after-credits scene is sneaky Marvel. So sneaky.

Also, sneaky Khonshu. So sneaky.

Arthur Harrow: You're getting desperate, old bird
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Speaking of Khonshu, I loved Layla telling him the hell off.


The Taweret-Layla team-up was something I did not know I needed - but clearly did!

As Steven said: WOO! HIPPO!

Seriously - two bad-a** female characters teaming-up? One of whom is a freaking hippo?! I am there! 😅

I loved that Steven's first response to this was basically to fanboy over Layla's avatar outfit. That was amazing!

Speaking of Taweret, a quick acknowledgement is needed of the stunning job that one of the soldier-actors did when acting as Taweret possessing his corpse.

...Which must be a weird situation to find yourself in, as a small speaking-role, but this guy was On Point™ with the mannerisms, etc.

I loved it! Lol.

I was confused by the multiple-ending, not gonna lie.

But I think it was meant to be a little confusing, so that's fine.

Plus the afore-mentioned Jake Lockley showing up stuff.

...We need another series to deal with this, Marvel, so give us one!


Other Stuff

Some more Moon Knight-related videos from creators with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) for you 

- you can catch up on other #OwnVoices DID videos that I've previously shared here and here.

Warning: SPOILERS, discussions of: trauma, symptoms of DID and mental health problems, neglect, abuse, violence, and other potentially sensitive topics

Here's Charlie from DID system and YouTube channel braiDIDbunch talking about episode 5...

...she goes into depth about a lot of the aspects of this episode, and the representation and dynamics of the characters, so it's well worth the watch.

Run-time: 29.51

And here's Xyla Star from The Star System talking about episode 3...

She has a lot of positive things to say about DID actually being a kind of superpower, so this one's well-worth the watch too!

Warning: flashing images

Run-time: 8.03

...Time once again got away from me, so these are the only two I have for you this week, but even though Moon Knight's over, I will be bringing you more #OwnVoices DID viewpoints when and where I can!

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Last week's Friday Fics Fix had Legends of Tomorrow fanfiction because I am in mourning after the cancelling of one of my faves *sad face*

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And to end, as is traditional, with yet more self-promo:

Do you think we need a second series of Moon Knight?

What did you think of the finale?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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  1. I definitely think a second season is needed. I found the ending to be...confusing. I assume a lot of my unanswered questions would be answered in a second season. Thanks for explaining the Jake storyline because that did go way over my head.

    1. Yes! Second series! Lol.

      I'm sure you're not the only one who missed the clues etc. about Jake - I have the advantage of having read a couple of the comics, so I remembered fairly early on that there's more than two of them. Like I said, I'm not the biggest fan of Jake, but a lot of people *love* him!


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