Wednesday 11 May 2022

Month in Review(s) - April 2022


April was rough, mental health-wise.

I'm OK - just having to adapt and take care.

...It's kind of worse when there's no real reason or trigger because there's nothing you can blame, y'know?

'April - Ebrill' with a fancy woman with an umbrella, it's all very artsy. Also sorry for the mess your screen-reader's probably made of the Welsh

...and it really doesn't help that the pollen this year is exceptionally, brutally, high, so my hayfever is extra-present this year.

Kind of hard to focus on your mental health when the pollen is making you feel like a zombie, lol.

(Oh, and hayfever is linked to climate change. #TrueStory.)

Still, baby steps!

Any month you can walk away from is a good one! 😅

And I didn't have a migraine this month! Woo! Lol.

I'm quite pleased with this month's random assortment of posts.

- Hope you like 'em too! 😊

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Most Popular Posts*

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Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

'Comics Wrap-Up' with lined-notebook-style background and speech bubbles containing heart symbols

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Friday Fics Fix

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

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Another SamBucky rec list! - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier ship fics

Who We Meet In the Shadows - A What We Do In the Shadows fic with Nandor and Guillermo meeting Guillermo's family

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Nerd Church

Brain Fog Days - Some days, my brain does not work.

Even Franz-Freaking-Kafka... - had imposter syndrome

The Writer Diaries: Write Your Obvious - ...because it might not be obvious to everyone else!

Other Non-Review Posts

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...And that's April! How was yours?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Ugh I'm so sorry that you're having allergies on top of mental health problems. I always feel silly for being so incapacitated by allergies, but they really do ruin a day/week/month, even if everything else is ticking along just fine (which it isn't! for anyone! the world is garbage!). Hugs, and I hope it gets better soon.

    1. Allergies suck, and even non-anaphylactic ones (thankfully all of my known allergies are non-anaphylactic,) can be *so* bad. I have a lot of skin allergies - like a *lot* of skin allergies - and for the past year or two my hayfever has decided to add a skin allergy component, so I have to remember to put a scarf or wide headband in my hair, or my scalp goes bright red and feels burn-y. So much fun, lol!

      Thank you - hope everything's going OK for you! <3

  2. Wouldn't pollen (alien pollen??) turning us into zombies be a fun story? Adds a new wrinkle to allergy season. *Cough* anyway- looks like a nice April post- wise. Sorry it was a rough one- hope May is a better month!

    1. ...I'm not sure I'd find that fun! Lol. Would be interesting, I'll give you that! :)

      Thanks - have a good May! :)

  3. "Kind of hard to focus on your mental health when the pollen is making you feel like a zombie, lol."
    Ugh. You don't deserve to fight two battles at once. I hope things will get better soon, and anyhow, you should be proud of all the posts you managed to bring forth no matter what!

    1. Thank you so much - that's so sweet! :) I do have hayfever tablets, which make things a little better, but they also make me tired sometimes (and I babble nonsense when I'm tired! Lol.)

  4. I'm really sorry it was a tough month, Cee! My family get horrible allergies so I can definitely relate to you feeling like a zombie. My dad relates it to your head being in the clouds, it's not a fun feeling at all. I do hope you have a much better May.

    1. ...I think of it more like being pricked by thorns, but it's not fun generally, no! Thanks, Em :) <3


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