Sunday 15 May 2022

Nerd Church - Self-Care Wins From A Weird Week


'Self-Care Wins From A Weird Week' with daisies along the bottom of the image. Cos, daisies are pretty, right? I need to stop being weird in the alt-text, to be honest. Lol.

I'm settling down to write this with some caution...

Because if the last few days have been anything to go by, the moment I really get into things, really get some momentum going... drama happens.

Unfortunately for those of you who are looking for some juicy details, I don't feel comfortable explaining the bizarre soap opera that's been life on my street in the past week.

That's because it involves elderly neighbours - and while there is zero chance they'll ever find this post, and even less chance anyone will know who or what I'm talking about, I just don't feel right talking about things that are, essentially, private and not my business.

The problem is when the stuff that's not my business spills out into the street, and/or literally knocks on my door. Or leads to an actual policeman at my door.

...told you there was drama.

(And for those who remember my Problem Neighbours™, I can safely say it's not them. They moved in 2020-ish. Thank God.)

So, I've had to put my money where my metaphorical mouth is this week, and implement some serious self-care.

Because bizarre neighbour-drama takes up a lot more time than you'd think, and is generally quite stressful. 😅

If you've planned out all the Serious Sh**™ you're gonna do on any given day and something comes along and tears your plans into a million pieces then you find yourself way behind on work etc.

(Serves me right for actually making organised plans for once, really 😅) 

BUT! Instead of throwing myself on the sacrificial mercy of my puritanical work ethic, I did something healthy!

I decided to prioritise what I could get done within various timeframes - in a realistic way!

I pared down my to-do list ('list' rarely does it justice, but moving on,) to include only the things I both needed and could do in the timeframe.

...I know. I was surprised too. 😅

And yes, I definitely felt the temptation to keep working beyond my usual clock-off time.

Because I feel guilty when I'm not doing all the things I think I 'should' be doing. Despite the entire lack of sense that makes.

BUT I still stopped working when I said I would.

And took breaks when I said I would.

And took care of the self-care basics - remembering to take my meds, remembering to take hayfever tablets for the pollen, staying hydrated, eating, sleeping, etc.

And leaned heavily on all my self-care staples - specific music, TV shows, fanfiction, etc.

So - a win, over all!

Do you have any self-care staples?

Had any weird weeks lately? (Well... weirder than we've had since circa 2016 anyway!) 

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling stressed as of late, Cee! I hope things settle down soon enough, and that you have some uneventful weeks (I think the ordinary, uneventful weeks are so needed in this time of weirdness). I can definitely relate to feeling extra special when you have a self-care win. For me, being able to finish up the conference I went to in Montreal without having a panic attack was a huge win. I rewarded myself with a face mask and McDonalds, lol.

    1. Woo! Well done on making it through the conference! :)

      ...It's been such a weird goddamn week, and I really wanna just spill the details because I honestly couldn't make this week up, but it wouldn't be right so I'm restraining myself! Lol.


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