Sunday 28 August 2022

Nerd Church - Writing A Full Blogpost In 32 Minutes


'Writing A Full Blogpost In 32 Minutes' with a stereotypical blogger-desk (computer keyboard, coffee cup, pot plant, stationary) in the background

Turns out, I can write a whole-a** blogpost in 32 minutes.

...I know - I was surprised too!

OK, so I was kinda brain-foggy this week, and ended up writing both this week's Comics Wrap-Up (CWU) and Friday Fics Fix (F3) posts the day before they were due to go live on the blog.

One day, I will be a blogger that can schedule content well ahead of time, but that day is a long way off 😅

Anyway, I knew I had to write these posts - well, I didn't have to, it's my blog and I can do what I want - but I had to, y'know?

So I needed to get these posts written and my attention span was that of a very sleepy goldfish who's had enough of your b*llsh**.

Cue one of my many, many, techniques of actually doing things when I feel like cr*p - listening to rock music and setting the timer for 8 minutes.

Note: it wasn't my ride-or-die, get sh** done, heavy metal playlist that I was listening to, just some honest-to-goodness emo - so I could have potentially have got things done even faster if I wanted to 😉😅

I set the timer for 8 minutes because 8 is less than 10, and psychologically that's a big boost to my tired millennial soul.

My whole schtick with the timer is this: it doesn't matter how much I do in that time frame. I can write one word or a thousand, and it's OK.

There's zero pressure - it's just something to try and get something done on days when there's a possibility of not getting anything done.

And... I did that four times on Wednesday.

And finished my CWU post in those 4 sessions.

So I figured, let's try this again - see if lightning strikes twice.

...and it somehow did! 4 sessions, and a whole F3 post! 😎

Of course, it helps that I already had stuff I wanted to talk about in those posts.

If it was entirely from scratch in terms of content, or if they had been super-duper complicated posts, then doubtless it would've taken me longer.

If you look at it another way, they also took me all day.

...because I really stretched out the time between 8 minute sessions, so it was kind of spread throughout the day.

But - 32 minutes: that's the total time.

Formatting, revising, scheduling, embedding - all that stuff. In 32 minutes.

...I was so proud of myself! Lol 😅

I'm not saying that it'll work for anyone other than my oddball self, or that it's something that'll be applicable to every post I write.

And lord knows, I have to change working methods a lot because I have to work with my mood, and what seems to work for me at any given moment.

(And if all else fails... break out the heavy metal! 😎😅)

Also - in case you were wondering - yes, I wrote this post in 4 sessions of 8 minutes. 

Check me out! Lol 😎

How do you get stuff done when you don't have the energy/time/thinking power?

Bloggers: What's the fastest you've ever written a (full) blogpost?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I usually write my blog posts in an hour.... and I am not a scheduler. Sometimes post will be written the day before and I've made my peace with that lol. But, I totally relate to sometimes being completely unmotivated and foggy. I'll start the post and somehow end up on Tik Tok for 30 minutes. I really don't have a technique to getting back on track, sometimes I really just have to power through and reward myself for my efforts later.

    1. (Blogging is chaos. Don't tell anyone - they'll all think we know wtf we're doing!)

      My methods of focussing change regularly, because I have to go with what works *now* instead of just what's worked in the past. But setting a timer can be a good way of splitting things up - if only to remind you how long you've been on TikTok! ;)


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