Monday 31 October 2022

Eight Year Blogging Anniversary!

'8 Years of Blogging!' with all sorts of stars and neon going on

When I started this blog, the UK was still in the European Union, David Cameron was Prime Minister, and Obama was the US president.

...It's kind of terrifying to realise that that was only eight years ago, but here we are.

And I feel so very old and tired 😅

They say it takes ten years to be an overnight success, so hopefully in two years' time I'll be sitting pretty.

This isn't 'just' a hobby for me - never has been. 

I want to write, read, and somehow cobble together a living doing it. 

...Or at least supplement my other job to the stage where it's liveable - where I can afford to own my own home, even, or at least not be completely financially decimated if I decide to rent. 

(Yes, I am the millennial cliche who still lives with her parents, what of it?)

I can't say I don't have doubts because, as anyone who's followed me and my online shenanigans for a while will know, I am a semi-functional ball of mental health problems and existential crises.

On the plus side, this semi-functional ball of mental health problems and existential crises has kept going for eight years at this blogging thing 💪

I don't know how I'm gonna make my way in this world - I just know that I don't give up easy. Which is why I'm still here, clacking away on my keyboard.

And I love all of you, my dearest nerdlets - your support really means so much to me.

I love my blogging friends, new and old, and miss those who've disappeared into the IRL without notice (hope you're all OK!)

I love my Medium friends, and all the friends on my socials (mostly Twitter, cos that's where I hang out most.)

And I love everyone who likes my stuff, shares my stuff, comments, or just reads. You don't have to interact to feel my love! 😘💖

I know that there's a big churn in the blogging world, and also that - as offline - people drift in and out of interacting with each other. 

Weirdly, people tend to drift away from interacting so much with me after we collaborate on a guest post, hashtag event, whatever - it's like after putting in so much work and effort together, they're sick of me or something. 

(I know a lot of that is coincidence and my own warped perceptions, but it still kinda hurts!)

So it's made me kind of wary of collabs. I don't wanna lose you all! Lol. 😅

I don't know what the future holds -

(and guessing, given the last couple of years, doesn't seem like a winning option,) 

- but I know that I love Dora Reads, I love writing, I love reading.

And that's not going away any time soon.

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  1. I also wonder sometimes about the people who've disappeared, but I'm glad you're still here! Congrats on 8 years :-)

    1. Glad you're still here too Kit (even if I should probably make my way over to your blog more often - oops!) :)

  2. Happy blogiversary, Cee! I definitely relate to wanting to make my current job livable, but of course in this economy, things aren't that great for us millennials and gen z's. But still, you're killing it all the same!

  3. Happy anniversary! And yes stick around! :)

  4. Congrats on 8 years! I've enjoyed reading your posts over all this time. This year marked the 10th year of my blog, so I know how unreal it can seem to think back on how long we've done this and how much our lives and the world have changed. Wishing you all the best as you continue in this fun adventure!


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