Sunday 30 October 2022

Micropoetry - August + September 2022

Yes, I know it's the end of October.

It took me a while to sort the graphics out - just the way it goes sometimes, I don't know what to tell you.

(By the way, you will be getting a Micropoetry post for my October Micropoetry soon (...ish))

Shall we get some Micropoetry, though, yeah?

Come on then! (Lol.)

As always, for those using screen-readers, the poetry is in the alt-text, with / marks showing line breaks.

28th August // And what comes then? / When / I've pulled my / mud-drip / bedraggled /frame / through your / obstacle course. / What / happens next? / Do I get to rest? / Or will there / be / another test?

dividing line

27th September // I inch for- / ward on legs / of bend- / ing / sum- / mer straw. // Yet you /  keep ask- / ing / why / I move so / slow.

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