Friday 25 November 2022

Friday Fics Fix - There's A Surprising Lack Of Angsty Ash Tyler Fics


'...he couldn’t quite grasp yet what that feeling had been. 
He only knows that he had seen it mirrored in Ash Tyler’s dark eyes.'


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In my opinion as a fanfiction professional -

(Lol - kind of, I've written literally hundreds of these posts dontcha know! So I reckon if anything qualifies me as a 'fanfiction professional' then that does 😅

- there aren't enough angst fics about Ash Tyler.

I mean c'mon fic writers! He's right there and brimming with angst!

Ash Tyler from Star Trek: Discovery
Via Gfycat - I mean look at him! Look at the angst potential!

OK, let's rewind - what am I talking about?

Due to circumstances beyond my control (Trekkie parents are a thing, and they will find any new Star Trek media available, you can't stop 'em,) I love Star Trek: Discovery.

Discovery is about the spaceship of the same name, and the sort-of Main Character (MC,) Commander Michael Burnham - Spock's sister. (It's a whole thing.)

It's difficult to go much further into it without getting SPOILER-y, so basically: 

is spaceship, is Star Trek, is a whole lot of weird coming at the crew from a whole bunch of angles.

Some of that weird comes in the form of Ash Tyler - a former POW held by the Klingons.

Again, can't go too far into it without getting SPOILER-y, but this boy has angst and existential crises in every pore.

And yet... there's a surprising lack of angsty Ash Tyler fics.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there's a rich deep vein of angsty Ash Tyler goodness that I've yet to find (if that's the case - please point me in the right direction!) - but for now, I have been disappointed by how few fics there are.

Still - I did find a good one, albeit not as far into the angst as my emo goblin spaghetti brain prefers, but there we are. 😈😅

This fic features fall out from a particular... issue between Ash and the ship's doctor, Dr Hugh Culber.

Again, I can't go into that because SPOILERS 😅 - a whole, massive, lots-of-weird, level of SPOILERS - but it's plenty of angst material, I promise.

This is probably a good time to mention that the fic itself is chock-full of SPOILERS, OK? OK.

Some Content Warnings, my dearest nerdlets:

- PTSD-like symptoms

- dissociation

- violence/threat of violence

- identity issues

References to:

- torture

- being a PoW

- murder

This week's fic, then, is:

Lomqa' by Yeoyou

Friday Fics Fix is going on break in December and will be back on 13th January 2023!

Are you a Star Trek fan? Which is your fave?

Do you know where the Ash Tyler angst is hiding?!

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. My dad is a Trekkie parent, but he didn't really push the content on us. I'm much more into Star Wars!

    1. Ha, they don't push, to be fair - they've just played Star Trek on the TV at every opportunity for as long as I can remember. When I was little (I could've only been like 4-6 years old,) I used to sit on my dad's lap and watch The Next Generation at lunchtime every Sunday.

      My brother and my cousin are more into Star Wars - I like Star Wars, but I'm not as *into* it, y'know?


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