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Friday Fics Fix - Five of My Fave Novel-Length Superhero Fics

I love novel-length fanfiction!

I know, I know, it's not exactly a secret at this point.

'Fics Fix!' with purple bakground and white lightning bolt shape

...I didn't always; love novel-length fanfiction, that is.

I used to prefer the shorter the better.

But somewhere along the way my reading habits changed, and now I can't get enough of the novel and novella length stuff.

Honestly, the skill of some people is awe-inspiring.

And to use that skill to craft a novel which you're then going to give away for free, just because you love this fandom so much? Even if it means spending literal years on it?

That's beautiful.

So let's take a look at five of my faves! Which all happen to be superhero-related because I am trash and proud of it.

For Content Warnings, please check the original rec'ing post and/or the tags on the fic. Stay safe dearest nerdlets!

A Minor Complication by kattahj

Klaus Hargreeves: Wait a tick, wait a tick
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This a The Umbrella Academy (TUA) fic (I'm still watching series 3, so no SPOILERS please!) that was written before Viktor came out, so might have his old name and pronouns.

This is a gloriously long fic about Ben and Klaus Hargreeves inadvertantly taking on the guardianship of a smol Non-Binary (NB) ghost child, Jordan.

...And honestly, I thought it was gonna get naff pretty quickly - but it didn't!

I love the way it weaves different elements of both the show and its own original material together almost seamlessly.

Who You Gonna Call...? by riverwrenwrites

Another TUA fic, and again written before Viktor came out, so probably has his previous name and pronouns.

A fic mostly from Diego's (3rd person) POV, where Diego is a Trans man, and an active, employed, police officer.

This has Klaus and Dave (yes, cute side M/M!) working with Diego on a murder case (cos Dave's a cop, and Klaus can talk to the dead - handy with murdered people,) which is just as complicated and character-interaction-y as you would hope!

Original Post Here

If They Haven't Learned Your Name by silentwalrus

Steve Rogers: He looked at me like he didn't even know me


Granted, that's not the main plot (which is Bucky finding his way back to Steve mentally, physically, and romantically, after Captain America: The Winter Soldier,) but it's worth reading just for that, tbh.

This is the king of self-care fics - both in content and effect. I must've read all 500+ pages at least four times over the years, and it's top of my go-to's when I need it.

Original Post Here

that one last tender place by oopshidaisy

Ah, FrostIron, where would I be without you?

So the whole *waves hands vaguely* deal with this fic is that Tony and Loki have been linked mentally and emotionally in a sort-of-soul-bond type-deal-y.

Because magical shenanigans, here caused by Amora, aka Enchantress.

There's a butt-tonne of angst and hurt/comfort, and emotions every-goddamn-where.

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(Fandom notes:

FrostIron is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Tony Stark and Loki from the MCU (Marvel movies/TV shows)

Hurt/Comfort involves one or more of the characters being hurt, and others comforting them - which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like.)

Present, Past and Future Hunt Me by Namesake

This one is like a whole season arc of the CW's Supergirl in one handy-dandy fic.

It's incredible, and at just under 500 pages and, according to the author's notes, taking two years to complete - it shows some goddamn dedication!

And it has everything - Action. Angst. Plot twists. Character interactions. The power of freaking love!

Supergirl: I'm excited! This is me excited!
Via Giphy

And not only do we have super-power couple Brainy and Nia taking front and centre in the fight against one of Brainy's evil ancestors, we also get Kara and J'onn being amazing, and Alex and Kelly doing their whole kick-a** Lesbian action hero schtick!

Oh and Lena! Lena's here too.

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Are you a novel-length fanfic fan?

Any recs?

Talk to me! 😁💬

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