Sunday 13 November 2022

Nerd Church - Competing With A Dancing Monkey For Your Attention

'Competing With A Dancing Monkey For Your Attention' with social media icons and a megaphone in the background

Sometimes it feels like I'm jumping up and down, trying to get attention for my writing, my blogging, my whatever-ing...

...only to get lost amongst all of the other people jumping up and down and vying for your attention in an increasingly noisy world.

And on the one hand I think:

 'is my stuff really good enough to be clamouring for all this attention anyway?'

And on the other hand I think:

 'who knows how good my stuff actually is? What I do know is that it's better than some of the stuff that people put out there... Not only put out there, but somehow do well with.'

Ignoring, for a moment, the demoralising aspect of writing your heart out while the metaphorical dancing monkey in the corner gets all the coin, there's a lesson here:

If the dancing monkey's stuff is 'good enough' then mine is too.

While I don't want to add to the *waves hands* noise of the Interwebs and content/media in general in a negative or not-valuable way, I have to remind myself that there is worth in the blogging and writing I do.

It might not be the greatest most-worthiest-est worth and value in the world. I might not be changing the goddamn world with fanfiction recommendations, or chatting about comics.

But... I'm not doing nothing with those posts either, am I?

I like to think they mean something - even if they don't mean everything.

And Lord knows the internet is full of stuff that makes the world a worse place - if I can add something positive, or even just neutral, to the mix... then surely that's good?

And on my own, personal, level - allowing myself to be selfish for goddamn once in my life - why shouldn't I vye for the attention of the world?

If the dancing monkeys and SEO bros and out-right scam artists get to have it, then why shouldn't I?

Maybe the stuff I create isn't the artiest art that ever arted... but it's better than a whole lot of other people's stuff.

And if they get to make a 'success' of things, then I do too.

I'm good enough for that.

Another day, another existential crisis 😅

Do you get what I'm saying here?

Or am I talking absolute gibberish?

Talk to me! 🙈💬

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  1. Any blogger/writer/content creator clamouring for attention is completely valid, as our work is often forgotten, underpaid or underappreciated. Meanwhile, the richest of people in the world can get as much attention as they want, and nobody bats an eye. Be proud of calling attention to your work. It's guaranteed a lot better than the work Elon Musk puts out.

    1. Haha, but he was trying to sell reiki in my comments once! ;)

      Thanks Em - same to you, OK? Be proud of your stuff :)


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