Thursday 17 November 2022

Comics Wrap-Up - You'll Know His Voice

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It's Thursday, the world is weird, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Hidden Graphic Novel Gems

Rachel Brittain @ Book Riot brings us a list of lesser-known graphic novels - some of them look really interesting! 😊

The Passing Of A Legend

I won't blame you if, like me, you don't recognise the name of Kevin Conroy, who passed away this week at the age of 66.

But the likelihood is you'll know his voice - especially if you're a fan of superhero cartoons.

The voice of Bruce Wayne from Batman: The Animated Series, Conroy was the Batman to Mark Hamill's famous Joker.

He recently wrote about his life as part of DC's Pride 2022 anthology, which has been made free in tribute to him (if you have a device which can handle the app, which sadly I do not - my phone's technologically ancient at this point.)

To many people, Conroy was Batman, and he'll clearly be sadly missed - not least by his family and those who knew him personally.

Batman from Batman: The Animated Series - 'I am Batman'
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Shameless Self-Promo

Last week's Friday Fics Fix provided a list of five novel-length superhero fanfics, so check it out!

Did you watch Batman: The Animated Series as a kid?

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  1. Aw what a loss :( It's always upsetting when someone of the superhero/comics world passes, as often those people are recognizable from our childhoods, there's nostalgia attached to it.


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