Thursday 26 January 2023

Comics Wrap-Up - Some Sort Of Rundown On the State of Reality

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It's Thursday, I'm trying not to fall back on overworking as an unhealthy coping mechanism in stressful times, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

A Nomination For Black Panther

I have to mention that Angela Bassett has made history to become the first acting nominee - for Best Supporting Actress - to be nominated for a Marvel movie - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

So Many Umbrellas

Ok, so I finished watching series 3 of The Umbrella Academy (TUA)!

A few mild SPOILERS from here on out, OK? OK.

Klaus Hargreeves: C'mon chop chop!
Via Gfycat

WTF Allison?

I mean that. 

WTF have you done Allison? Because there's a lot of knock-on affects with these things dammit!

And you couldn't stick around long enough to give your siblings and sorta siblings some sort of rundown on the state of reality? 

Y'know, a quick list of people who are alive in this timeline/reality/current time period/whatever is going on, and what their metaphysical status is, would've gone a long way!

You all really need more communication in general, let's be honest.

Adorkable FTW

Where is Sloane? 

Because she and Luther together are amazing, and she by herself is adorkable, and we still have Sparrow Ben, so where is Sloane?!

(Lol @ the way she and Luther talk about the moon btw 😅)

Magical disability removal?

I don't know whether that's OK, from a representation standpoint. #JustSaying.

I need more Klaus!

I mean... I always need more Klaus. 

Honestly, there's never quite enough of him in any given series.

Diego & Lila

Just... Diego and Lila. I love it! 

Also, is Stan back, or not? This is what I'm talking about Allison!

Shameless Self-Promo!

Last week's Friday Fics Fix had SamBucky in a Veteran's Association AU. Because I am trash.

Are you a TUA fan?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I mean...yeah. Allison frustrated me towards the end despite her being one of my favourite characters. Sloane and Luther delighted me in a dorky way. Watching Lila and Diego this season embrace the chaos was awesome. Idk if I loved this season as much as season two, but curious to see how things can get even more weird.

    1. Allison's character is edging much closer to what she's like in the comics (- which is an all-powerful being who only doesn't save/end the world because she's a specific level of traumatised to hover between the two. And is ruthless af.)

      It's quite interesting - everyone is Over-Powered in the comics. Everyone. Klaus can fly and read thoughts and use his powers when high. Allison's power never turns off, so everything she says becomes true. Diego can breathe underwater for long periods of time (which is where the 'Kraken' nickname comes in.) The only thing holding them back in the comics - except Klaus can't use his powers when he's wearing shoes, because TUA - is their trauma, and their emotional stuff. That is their Kryptonite.

      But on the plus side, Lila doesn't exist in the comics (yet!) and I love her! :)

    2. I've got to read more of the comics, I've only ready volume one! It seems that Way decided not to hold back.

    3. OMG vol 2 - Dallas - is... well, they had to change a LOT for TV! That's also where Hazel & Cha-cha come into the comics. It's where Allison's at her most ruthless, imho. Certainly at both her coolest and scariest.


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