Sunday 22 January 2023

Nerd Church - Learn ALL The Languages!

I really like languages, OK?

I like to play with them, twist them, turn them, taste them, learn them.

(And yes, I do literally mean taste them - synaesthesia.)

Title: Learn ALL The Languages! Background: a megaphone, and a speech bubble displaying the title

So... I put Duolingo on my phone a while back. (Not sponsored - sadly.)

It wasn't a 'New Year's Resolution' type deal-y. I don't do those, and besides, it was late last year when I randomly decided to get Duolingo.

But you know what they didn't tell me about that app?

(Whoever 'they' may be - no-one knows, let's be honest.)


And it's all free - if you can put up with the ads. If not, there's a paid version they keep trying to get you to buy - but that sh** don't work on me.

So yeah... I'm lost, now. There's no getting me back.

I've added more than 5 languages already, and I know I'm just gonna keep adding them - because why wouldn't I?!

I mean, not the fictional languages like Klingon and High Valyrian (which... it's kind of sad that we prioritise those over actual human languages, but that's clearly a rant for another day!) - but everything else? Hell yes!

Welsh is my #1 priority (they have a Welsh course dammit!) because the weird thing about Cymraeg is, more than any other language I know, it's a 'use it or lose it' scenario.

It's like if you don't live it, at least a little bit, it just falls out of your head entirely.

I've had family members and friends agree, so it's not just me!

Other than Welsh, I'm gonna dabble how I please - it's fun.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to see a green corporate mascot in the shape of an owl about some Japanese.

Are you a fan of languages and free learning stuff?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Are you learning Italian as well? 😊

    I was drawn to the English language since I was a kid - but it was mainly because I wanted to know what the songs I heard on the radio said haha. Also, English is everywhere...I've never felt the same about other languages.

    1. Not yet, but at this point it's only a matter of time ;)

      So many people speak English, yet 1st-language-English people so rarely try to learn other languages, and it makes me sad!

  2. Lol, I have Duolingo as well, and I'm learning French :) Since Canada has two national languages and I meet a lot of French-speaking people in my day to day life, I found it important to start to tighten that language up. The mandatory French we get in school doesn't often do speaking the language justice.

    1. Ditto Cymraeg - English and Welsh are the national languages of Wales (which is how I ended up as a Wenglish speaker most of the time, lol.) There's a long and complex history with language politics here, but I'm of the opinion that Welsh belongs to all of us, and that it's an important part of the culture and the hwyl (uh... a little like joie de vivre.)

      One of the Welsh teachers from my old (English medium education,) school refused to speak in Welsh to my ex-sister-in-law, who had gone to Welsh medium school, because her family didn't speak it. So even though she was fluent, he wouldn't speak to her in Welsh, because she wasn't 1st language. Which is an extremely weird take for someone who teaches Welsh as a 2nd language, but that's how complex language politics can get here!

      Cymraeg is something that my grampa and I used to speak together, so it makes me feel close to him, even though he's not here any more.

      Albeit, it's a ridiculously difficult language to both learn and remember! Mutations, Em. The words mutate. Mutate. Jesus' first name (Iesu) makes his last name (Crist) mutate, so his full name is Iesu Grist. That's what I'm dealing with here! (Lol.)

    2. Lol - it is and it isn't! Duolingo seems to be treating mutations as 'typos' if you get them wrong - which is one way of looking at it I guess!

      Plus, as I'm going through the Duolingo course, they're like 'this is harder!' and I'm like... no, honey, the thing you gave me three lessons back was harder, 'mae hi'n brwrw glaw/it's raining?' this is stuff I learnt when I was 5 years old. Lol :)


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