Thursday 29 June 2023

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It's Thursday, I'm tired, let's get some of that good ole comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Nimona Incoming!

Not one but two clips of the upcoming (June 30th) Netflix Nimona movie for you, dearest nerdlets.

Nimona is a graphic novel by N D Stevenson which was once slated for Disney, but turned out to be too Queer af for them, so Netflix picked it up.

The animation style is starting to grow on me (or at least not bugging me as much! Woo!) - which means I might be able to watch it after all! Yay!

Warning (for both): mild flashing images, general violence

Update on My Weird Spider-Verse Aversion

Ok... turns out it wasn't just me.

I found a bunch of migraineurs (people who have migraines) on various socials who can't watch the Spider-Verse films either. 

Oh, and it does seem to be light-sensitivity based - so MAJOR warning for epilepsy and other sensory-related conditions too!

See, for the past however-many-years it's been since the first one came out, I thought it was just me being fussy and not liking the aesthetic - 

I only started to wonder if it was migraine-related when I was looking for a gif to illustrate something about the Spider-Verse a few weeks ago, and couldn't find one which didn't hurt my eyes/head.

...I set all gifs to not play automatically on my social feeds, because if there's a light sensitivity issue, I find it tends to be quite pronounced in gifs, so autoplay is actually quite hazardous to me. 

I also - you may or may not have noticed - tend to go for gifs which aren't too flashy or jump-cut-y, so that they're easier on the eyes.

So, when the gifs were too much for me I was like, ' this a migraine thing?'

And, looking on socials etc. I found a bunch of other people with the same issue - including people who had ended up having migraine attacks triggered by one of the films.

So - yeah. Looks like I won't be getting over my issues with these films, after all.

The Public Consciousness

Yes, I watched the first episode of Secret Invasion.

It was... OK.

Not the best thing I've ever seen, but not the worst thing either. 

It was interesting and enjoyable enough to keep me watching but... 

the Russia stuff hits a little too close to home in the current world, and the idea that sinister outside forces are trying to draw Russia and the US into an unnecessary war feels like an irresponsible one to be planting in the public consciousness

Russia are more than capable of creating that scenario all by themselves, no aliens required. (Not that the US aren't capable of the same - they're just the less likely party right now.)

It just felt... bad.

Nick Fury: This Is Different
Via Giphy

Also, it took me a bit to remember that a common British slang term for spies and espionage is, weirdly to me, used as a racial slur in America -

so when Nick Fury said he was allowed to say it and Maria Hill wasn't I was like... because he's old enough to have been in the cold war and she wasn't or...? 

And then I remembered that said word means something entirely different in America. 

It was an extremely clever joke, really, but it requires knowing both meanings (and actually remembering them,) to fully appreciate it. Still, Samuel L Jackson clearly enjoyed himself with it.

***Vague SPOILERS ahead!!!***

...I don't think it counts as fridging.

(Fandom notes:

Fridging is when female characters are killed off - often in degrading or anti-climactic ways - to motivate a male character.)

Firstly - no-one needed motivation. They were already plenty motivated.

Secondly - it felt like a natural plot development, rather than a forced plot device.

Feel free to disagree, but *shrugs* - that's what I think.

Shameless Self-Promo Time!

You can check out what I thought of the Kraven the Hunter trailer on Medium here...

...or see the same talky-talk right here on Dora Reads here.

Are you looking forward to Nimona?

Have you seen the first episode of Secret Invasion?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. So much comic content lately, and I have no time to watch any of it! Oh well, I'll get to Secret Invasion by the end of summer hopefully lol.

    1. Lol, there's too much content out there to get to all of it - just enjoy what you can :)


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