Friday 30 June 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Clint Barton Has No Coffee


'The coffee is gone.

"No," Clint whispers, staring at the counter where he left it. "What the... is it... coffee burglar?"'

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I would like the record (there's a record, right? Sure, let's say there's a record,) to show that I'm not actually a big fan of time-loop tropes.

...Which you wouldn't think, given how often I rec. them, but there we are!

(All of which is to say that this week's fic is a time-loop fic.)

(Fandom notes:

Time-loops are when days repeat over and over, with only a few select characters aware of the loop.

Tropes are kinda half-way between a stereotype and a theme.)

Here's the thing: in order for me to like a time-loop fic, and not get effing bored of it half-way through, it has to be creative.

And this is! (Yay!)

It's fun, it has a bunch of creative ideas, and it made me laugh.

The basic premise, here, is that Clint Barton - aka Marvel's Hawkeye - is reliving a very stressful day.

Like - it just had to be the day where the Avengers end up fighting weird interdimensional bionic rats, he spends five hours tied up on a goddamn boat back-to-back with Bucky Barnes and without his hearing aids, and there is No. Coffee.

No coffee.


How is he supposed to deal with that?!

But... there are some silver linings.

The (AU version of the, so that the fic author could pick 'n' choose,) Avengers take the whole time-loop explanation very well.

Concerningly well, really, but Clint doesn't really have time before the reset to unpack that, he's just happy he doesn't have to waste any of said time convincing them.

And... there's the Bucky situation. Which he did not think was gonna be a thing but... maybe he wants it to be?

Clint Barton: Weird flex, but sure
Via Giphy

(Fandom notes:

AU = Alternate Universe.)

Honestly, there aren't that many fics with Clint and Bucky in a relationship.

(This is sometimes called WinterHawk, but I think I've also seen Clucky - which is amazing. If I'm making that up, then I hope it catches on 😅)

It's probably because they have like, zero interaction in the MCU - which is understandable, we don't have a frame of reference to how they'd relate to each other.

...But surely that's where fanfic thrives, right? *throws down challenge gauntlet*

Anywho, this fic deals with it well.

Possibly because they both bring out the little sh** side of each other, and that's kind of hilarious. 

But also because they're both practical in ways that complement each other in this fic, and that's really sweet.

Content Warnings for this one, then:

- general violence, including gun violence

- rat bites

- Ableism in the form of confiscating hearing aids

- blood and injury

- death and murder

- human experimentation (off-page, brief)

- kidnapping and imprisonment

- adult humour

- sexy-times

References to:

- non-time-loop-related memory loss

- torture always, I may have forgotten something, so please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

No Consequences, No Hangovers by jedusaur

Are you a time-loops fan?

Have you read any Hawkeye/Winter Soldier fics?

Talk to me! 😎💬

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