Friday 28 July 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Nah, They Gay


'The crew stared at him, and at Lucius behind him who was gesturing emphatically at the leather pants.'

Title: Fics Fix! Background: purple with white lightning bolt shape

This fic made me laugh - and I think we could all do with that, yeah?

(Well, it's what we're getting!)

This is an Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fic, because I am through-and-through Gay pirate trash.

As we all are, at some point in our lives 💃

(Also, my life is stressful right now, so I'm falling back on fanfiction as self-care a lot. And OFMD is really important for me, self-care-wise - sorry-not-sorry.)

OK - this post (and the fic itself) has some SPOILERS for OFMD.



Lucius Spriggs looking up from the ship's log-book
Via Giphy

Alright, now that we've all been fair-warned, let's talk the premise of this fic:

So, Lucius notices the attraction between Stede and Ed waaay before he does in the series - like, back when they switch clothes.

And he's like: These two be Gay FOR EACH OTHER.

And the rest of the crew are like: What? Nah! They're just two dudes swappin' clothes in an entirely platonic way - I mean really Lucius, why would you think anything else?

And Lucius is like: ...Nah, they Gay.

It's just so much fun, and I love it.

It's amazing, and I think most OFMD fans will love it too, tbh.

A couple of Content Warnings for this one:

- adult humour

- ongoing injury

References to:

- murder

- violence

- attempted execution

- sexy-times always, I may have forgotten something, so please be careful.

This week's fic, then, is:

but that's none of my business by chaotic_neutral_knitter

Friday Fics Fix is going on break in August, and will be back on 8th September 2023

Are you an OFMD fan?

Do you often platonically switch clothes with your un-Gay new friends who you've known for the length of an entire conversation?

Talk to me! 😅💬

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  1. I'm glad this show is self-care for you! I feel the same way about What We Do in the Shadows.

    1. Lol, ngl, WWDITS often fills that spot for me too ;)


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