Friday 14 July 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Quite Frankly Batpoop OFMD Vibes


'“I think I’m gonna faint now,” Stede says. He nods to himself. “Yes, I think that’s it for me for a while.”'

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Are we all recovered from the shock of AO3 going down earlier in the week? Yes? Good.

I really wish there was more than one fanfiction site with AO3's usability, range, and download feature. But I suppose that would be greedy. 😘😅

(Fandom notes:

AO3 = Archive Of Our Own - the biggest and probably most widely used fanfiction site.)

So, with AO3 safely returned to its rightful place on the interwebs, I have some Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fanfiction for ya!

(It's been like... 3 weeks since I last rec'd OFMD. #Restraint.)

So - first and foremost, this is a continuation fic from the end of series 1, OK?

That means there are SPOILERS people! SPOILERSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK? Don't say I didn't warn ya. 😎

(Fandom notes:

Continuation fics are fics which pick up after the end (temporary or permanent) of the canon ('official') material.)

OK, now that we're all suitably warned

 - this fic has all the quite frankly batpoop vibes we would want from OFMD.

And that's gotta be a good thing!

Stede Bonnet raising his hat
Via Giphy

The basic premise here is that Stede has caught up with Ed and the Revenge, just in time for one of Ed's raids to go sideways, and for them both to end up tied to a mast.

And effing Stede Bonnet is the last person Ed wants to be captured with right now, thank you very much!

Cue bickering, banter, and a little bit of sorting out the mess they made/admitting they love each other's faces.

It also takes something of a turn so that the fic author can pretend they're studying medicine instead of writing Gay pirate fanfic.

...I mean, multi-tasking ftw, tbh.

But still, it gets a little more technical than I would have appreciated - though I'm sure a lot of people find that stuff fascinating.

Overall, though, I love this fic.

It's just - *waves hands* - it's got the right vibes, my nerdlets.

And that, surely, is what we all want!

A few Content Warnings:

- general violence including gun violence

- blood and serious injury

- medical procedures as performed on a 18th Century ship with modern medical knowledge but not modern medical equipment

- adult humour

References to:

- murder

- attempted murder

- domestic abuse

- child abuse always, I may have forgotten something, so be careful!

Ed & Stede's "Get-Along" Kidnapping by ratherthepoint

Have you read m/any continuation fics?

Were you affected by the AO3 outage?

Talk to me! 😇💬

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  1. Haha, I love that the author seemingly integrated their studies into the fic. That is genius.

    1. Their rationalising that it totally counted as studying was amazing ;) <3


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