Friday 21 July 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Solid SamBucky


Warning: this post briefly discusses PTSD/mental health problems

'The storm begins while Sam is away. Which means that Bucky is left to fend for himself in their empty apartment...'


We all need some solid SamBucky emotional/mental-health-based Hurt/Comfort every now and then, right?

...I mean.

We all know it's true.

(Fandom notes:

SamBucky is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes from the MCU (Marvel movies) - especially The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS). Also known as WinterHawk.

Hurt/Comfort or H/C is a genre/sub-genre of fanfiction where a character is hurt and other characters comfort them. Because it is literally that easy sometimes.)

This fic has a very basic premise - Bucky's at home, alone, in a thunderstorm which triggers his PTSD.

Simple set-up, done well.

A reminder that I don't have PTSD, so it seems like it's done well as far as I'm concerned, but I might be missing something.

Honestly? There's not a lot more to say about this fic.

Bucky's struggling. Sam eventually comes home and helps to ground him, and there's enough bittersweet agonising to keep my emo goblin spaghetti brain at least somewhat grounded.

It's done well (like I said, as far as I know,) and it's a solid fic to reach for if you need that kind of loving superhero boyfriends h/c in your life.

Which... we all do, right? From time to time? Ah, the human brain is a weird thing. 😅

Sam Wilson: What's going on in that cyborg brain of yours? Bucky: You don't want to know.
Via Giphy

Some Content Warnings for this one:


- PTSD flashbacks

- flashbacks to torture, violence, captivity, etc.

As always, be aware that I may have forgotten something.

This week's fic, then, is:

When The Shadows Are Calling by egg_thief

Do you like H/C?

Did you know what that means before I told you, or is your brain not full of fandom terms, like mine is? (Lol.)

Talk to me! 😘💬

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