Friday 8 September 2023

Friday Fics Fix - The Moon Is Real Frickin' Mysterious


"He says hi," says Marc. "And he really likes how this alliance is working so far -- new age of the world and all that, very exciting -- but, if you could just...respect the right of the moon to be real frickin' mysterious? Please?"

Title: F3. Background: awesome sauce weird kaleidoscope patterns

Before we get into this week's F3 - what do you all think of the new graphic?!

I've been meaning to update the graphic for Friday Fics Fix for a long time - I was still using the one I threw together on a whim around 2015/2016-ish.

I hope you like it!

OK, back to our regularly scheduled fandoming:

This is a Marvel's Moon Knight fic!

I love Moon Knight, and sadly there aren't that many good Moon Knight fics out there (disagree? Please rec!) - but this week's fic is awesome!

Should point out though, that it's super-duper full of SPOILERS - and this blogpost will also have SPOILERS from here on out.


Steven Grant in the Moon Knight suit: That's it. Time out!
Via Giphy


OK, so the basic-ness of this fic is that Moon Knight is now officially A Hero™ and they and Scarlet Scarab are finding themselves in increasingly frequent team-ups and run-ins with other Marvel heroes.

Yes - we're talking crossovers. It's a whole fic of crossovers, (done amazingly, I might add.)

We got She-Hulk, Deadpool, Ms Marvel, Dr Strange, Captain America (Sam) and The Winter Soldier, Rocket Raccoon, and a whole bunch more 😊😊😊

The catch? The Moon Knight Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) system isn't really ready to be open with a bunch of the world's most famous (and some less famous,) superheroes, about the fact that there's three of them sharing one body.

Which means they don't have a great explanation as to why they talk to themselves a lot...

...or the dissociation/fugue state that DID can bring with it.

...or how the suit keeps changing.

...or how their accent keeps changing.

...or how there seems to be more than one Moon Knight, but at least two of them are in a relationship with Marc's wife...

It's a whole lot of covering their butts to do, OK? Even for superheroes, their situation is somewhat unique.

Especially when you factor in Jake (the third, stabby, alter,) now being a full part of the system, and all three of the boys having to get along in one head.

Oh, and since this is fanfiction, things are more than a little bit Queer 

- like, in the M/M (possible M/M/M,) sense, rather than it only being the show's implied M/M/F polyamory (where Steven and Marc are both with Layla.)

In fact, things get even more complex when it comes to Jake's dating life. Whole polyamorous geometry going on over here!

But all of these other superheroes seem to want answers - and they keep picking holes in Moon Knight's stories.

I mean... why can't the mystic powers of the moon just be really freaking mysterious, huh?! Why all these goddamn questions?! Lol.

This is a novel-length fic, but it doesn't really feel novel-ish - it feels more like a series of crossover comics.

...Only, like, y'know, in prose. 😅

It's really well-written - always meaning, of course, that I have to rec. These are the rules. *nods sagely*

And it's a lot of fun, generally.

It also made me realise just how much of the recent Marvel films etc. I'm behind on.

It does warn if there's gonna be spoilers for anything other than Moon Knight, but what's spoiler and what's fanfiction is a pretty fun game to play (lol.)

At this point, I'm pretty much taking the same attitude with Marvel TV series and films as I do with comics - there's way too much canon now for it to be feasible (or, more importantly, advisable,) to have encyclopaedic knowledge of all of it. 

So just go with what's in front of you, if you can - it's for the best.

Content Warnings for this fic, then, and bearing in mind that it's Moon Knight so expect that level of emotional devastation alongside the happy quipping:

- mental health problems and symptoms (especially DID and PTSD)

- general violence and injuries

- flashbacks and dissociation

- lots of general trauma and trauma responses

- mental health stigma

- child abuse

- grief and bereavement

- so many identity issues

- internalised Homophobia/Queerphobia

- adult humour

- references to:

  - war

  - murder

  - sexy-times

  - lots of trauma always, I think that's everything, but please be aware that I might have forgotten something!

This week's fic, then, is:

Cover of Knight by ErinPtah

How do you think a Moon Knight crossover would go?

Do you respect the right of the moon to be real frickin' mysterious? 😅

Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. I love the new graphic! And the fic sounds cool, albeit I am also behind on MCU films and tv shows. Really in my brain everything is just mashed up all together into one story at this point.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it :)

      And yeah, I'm super-far behind. But the mash-up feeling means you're well on the way to comics-levels of 'f**k it, let's just go with the thing!' Lol. ;)


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