Tuesday 31 October 2023

The 9 Year Blog Anniversary Post!


Yes, I've been at this, right here on Dora Reads -

(or it's previous name of 'Diary of a Reading Addict' aka DORA - and I do not miss typing the full thing out all the time 😅) 


Title: 9 Years of Blogging! Background: pretty stars on a deep blue-black sky

In internet time, that makes me the wise old oracle/grump in the corner, tbh.

...And sometimes I do feel like that.

I mean, sometimes the noobs just need to get off my lawn and stop going round in circles on the same discourse points we all did to death nearly a decade ago. (If I have to hear the quality vs quantity debate one more time... 😅)

In all seriousness, this year has been horrible, personally, and has been the closest I've come to giving up blogging in a while.

...But I'm still here. I'm a resilient little so-and-so, and blogging's good for me. 

(So's cutting back every now and then, so don't panic if I take the occasional break!)

I overthink and fret a lot over this blog, but at the end of the day, I'm pretty proud of the way I've relentlessly carved myself this small corner of the internet.

My expectations for it and myself are eternally high, and I need to learn to temper that with not running myself into the ground - something I've been trying to do for the entirety of my blogging life - but I'm not the type to give up when the road gets rough.

...The road's been rough for a lot longer than nine years, after all. And I'm still here.

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  1. Last night I remembered that Halloween is your blogiversary. Glad you're still here, Cee! I am always one for a break.

    1. Thank you Em! And yeah, I honestly don't know why I picked Halloween to start a book blog *shrugs* <3

  2. "...The road's been rough for a lot longer than nine years, after all. And I'm still here."

    Happy blogoversary! I hope blogging continues to be good for you (I know it is for me - I started just a couple of years ahead of you , BTW, on October 14th 2012).

  3. Happy blogiversary! I hope you're around for 9 more years. :)


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