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Friday Fics Fix - Izzy Hands Is Being Haunted


'His captain just looked sad, like he'd failed Izzy in some way.'


Title: F3. Background: funky geometry, because why not?



...sorry, had to fangirl over the page a bit there. This fic is so good. 

Like - page-turning, stayed up an extra hour to read some more, good.

OK, so this an Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fic, and we need to get some things established before we really get into it:


I know it's available in the US now, but it'll probably be a long time before we get it aired here in the UK. (*sigh*)


Both in the fic and in this post from here on out, OK?


...Right, you've all been warned sufficiently. 😅

A black flag with the words 'Our Flag Means Death'
Via Giphy

Izzy Hands is being haunted.

It's the only explanation.

Of course Bonnet and Ed, happily reunited and kraken safely banished, don't see that. They just see an increasingly erratic and irrational first mate. 

And they're worried - deeply worried. Izzy clearly isn't OK.

But Izzy knows - and Buttons, weirdly, knows - that there's something not... quite... human... aboard the Revenge. Maybe it was once, but now? Now it's pretty effing dangerous.

The horror is proper-tense, the plot is unexpected, the characterisation is complex, and it's novel-length.

...Marry me, fic, we'll be so happy together! (Lol.)

Honestly - this fic is incredible.

It's not always the lightest of reads 

- it's not drag-ya-down heavy, but there's some tough sh** around injury and mental health in particular (please pay attention to the content warnings in this post, m'k?) - but the angst, to me and my warped emo goblin spaghetti brain, hits that sweet spot just right.

But I'm aware that not everyone is a twisted little so-and-so. 😅

There's also a surprisingly large amount of romance in this fic

 - I can't say too much, because spoilers, but the fic author has come up with an OC for an M/M love interest that, surprisingly, works exceptionally well.

It's... strangely wholesome, actually. In a very, very, strange way. 

It made me actually, physically, smile a lot - and not a lot of romance does that (because emo goblin spaghetti brain.)

(Fandom notes:

OC = Original Character. A character that is purely the creation of the fic author and not part of the original (or any crossover) media.

Few authors (imho) have the ability to integrate these in even a tolerable way, so when it's done well it's pretty damned impressive.)

Content Warnings for this fic, then (pay attention!):

- horror elements 

- suicide (running theme,) including passive suicidality and suicidal thoughts

- self-harm (not heavy, imho, but briefly present)

- Depression and general being-not-OK mental health problems

- disordered eating

- general violence, including gun and knife violence

- a possibly unhealthy use of ye olde painkillers

- murder

- drowning

- dying in fire

- injury detail, blood, mild gore

- self-esteem issues

- struggles with adapting to disability

- internalised ableism

- grief and bereavement

- references to sexy-times

...I think that's everything - but there's a butt-tonne going on in this fic, so please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

In Another Form by CandleJam

An Izzy Hands ghost story - yay or nay?

Are you a fan of that sweet, sweet, angst?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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