Friday 15 September 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Blackbeard's Bedraggled Attack Dog


'Izzy stared at the doily, trying to imagine where on the high seas they might have stolen that from. Izzy looked up to find Bonnet looking at him meaningfully, then down at the sandwiches. And back.'


Title: F3. Background: artsy geometry

First thing's first: it's my birthday today! (15th Sep)


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OK, back to our regularly scheduled fandom-ing:

Yes it's some Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) this week!

It's a well-written fic, and you know I have no choice: I must rec. These are the rules. *nods sagely*

From here on out (and in the fic itself,) is SPOILERS for series 1, OK?


Great, you can't say I didn't warn ya.

A black flag with 'Our Flag Means Death' written on it
Via Giphy

This fic sees Izzy trying to find his place onboard a re-unified (i.e. Ed and Stede are back together and playing Happy Co-Captains,) Revenge.

He may be nothing but Blackbeard's bedraggled attack dog, but if that's all he is, then that's what he's gonna be. That's his job. And he does it well.

There may not be all that much room on this ship for an attack dog any more, but he still knows how to protect what's his - and, for better or worse, that's now this idiot crew of Bonnet's. So he will protect them.

I normally don't do this, but I'm gonna give you my unedited brief notes for this fic, because they pretty much sum it up (and also I do not know what kind of a mood I was in, but clearly it's impressive. 😅):



- Izzy’s like ‘no-one likes me, but I will be the best gosh-darn attack dog!’

- And Stede and Ed are like, ‘put me down as scared and horny!’

- much the stabbys


Bill Hader on SNL: Well, mark me down as scared and horny
Via Giphy

...Honestly, my brain is a sugar-fed millennial fangirl who is also Gay pirate trash - you're lucky it's this coherent 😅

(Also, yes, I occasionally make notes before writing things - I attempt organisation a lot, it just rarely works out! Lol. #BadVirgo #DisasterQueerOverHere)

So basically we have all the buttons (not Buttons, buttons,) ticked* -

- we have angst and low self-esteem, we have some swashbuckling action, we have protective!Izzy, we have Ed and Stede watching him like 'that is a man right there' and we even have some injury and recovery.

And yes, there are hints at the start of a Steddyhands ship here. It works, which it doesn't always, so that's good (lol.)

*What do you mean you tick boxes, not buttons? I'ma tick buttons, and you can't stop me!

(Fandom notes:

Ship is a relationship, geddit?

Steddyhands is an M/M/M romantic and/or sexual relationship between Stede Bonnet, Blackbeard, and Izzy Hands from Our Flag Means Death.)

Some Content Warnings for this one, then:

- a lot of general violence, mostly of the stabby kind

- murder/dead bodies

- blood and injury

- self-esteem issues 

- sexy-times references and undertones always, I may have forgotten something, so be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

with this ego, I won't be the only one that's bleeding by DefNotForWork, with art by Soapybananaz

Are your buttons ticked? Can you tick a button?
Do you sometimes look at your notes and think: WTAF?
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