Friday 3 November 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Angels, Demons, Cinnamon-Rolls


'Crowley was out doing... something -- Muriel did not know whether he was actually gluing coins to the ground or whether that was an obscure joke.'

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic purple patterns


I love Good Omens - which, in a nutshell, is a TV series on Amazon Prime where an Angel and a Demon get up to shenanigans to a soundtrack of Queen music.

...They're also possibly in full M/M love with each other. They have this whole will-they/won't-they/are-they-already-and-just-don't-know-it, thing going on. Canonically.

(Fandom notes:

Canon is the 'official' stuff that happens in the book/film/whatever)

So, I recently finished watching the second series -

because I could only watch it when my brother was over, since we don't have Amazon Prime and he does

- and am therefore able to fanfiction my little nerdgirl heart out!

Before I go any further - this fic is full of SPOILERS for the second series.

This post, from this point onwards, may also have SPOILERS, though I'll do my best to avoid them.


You've officially Been Warned™.

Crowley, as played by David Tennant, downing a cup of coffee
Via Giphy

This fic sees demon Crowley struck by a mystery illness after moving into angel Aziraphale's shop.

Aziraphale isn't there, and it's down to newly earth-walking angel Muriel (who canonically uses they/them,) to figure out WTF is going on (and somehow help Crowley,) with some help from local shopkeepers Maggie and Nina.

Honestly my emo goblin spaghetti brain was expecting a lot more angst, and a lot more Crowley.

BUT I still loved the resulting fic - which sees Muriel really start to shine in their cinnamon-roll way (I love them so much,) as well as once again exposing the infuriating bureaucracy of Heaven and Hell.

Muriel, dressed as an traditional British police officer, only their uniform is entirely white
Via Giphy --- Look at them! Such a cinnamon roll!

Oh, yeah - in Good Omens, Heaven and Hell are both nightmarishly bloated institutions with so many managerial issues.

...It's a very clever show, but if you're insecure in your (Christian and/or other Abrahamic) faith, you're likely to find it highly offensive. Just a head's up. 😅

I also love Maggie and Nina in this fic - who've essentially at this point said, 'F**k it, this apparently our lives now - let's go with it.'

Which is very Bucky Barnes vibes, imho. Lol.

It's just a fun little fic, all around, with a good understanding of the characters.

...And a dash of ye olde angst to keep my li'l goblin brain from complaining too much. 😅

Some Content Warnings for this one, then:

- religious and demonic imagery everywhere

- poisoning

- blood

- serious illness

- abusive/stalkerish ex-partner (brief)

...I think that's everything, but as always, I might've forgotten something or other, so please be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

The Adventure of the Sad Wet Snake by Kaesa

Are you a Good Omens fan?
Do you love Muriel as much as I do?
Talk to me! 😁💬

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