Friday 17 November 2023

Friday Fics Fix - Living Art, Right There


'O.B’s fingers freeze. He’s quiet for a moment, before moving to turn off his device. He turns to face Mobius.'

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

The end of series 2 of Loki was stunningly beautiful - and so is some of the fanfiction that's been inspired by it.

Yes, no sooner was the streaming streamed than the fandom picked up pen and pixel and set out to process, explore, enjoy, revel in, congratulate, commiserate, and everything in between.

Living art, right there.

So, this week's fic is short, but powerful.

Angsty, but hopeful.

Rebellious yet respectful.

And so well-written.

(And you should know the rules by now dearest nerdlets - I see the well-written fanfic, I rec. the well-written fanfic. I am but a simple bookish rebel 😅 )

This fic also - unsurprisingly, given it picks up at the end of season 2 - is 6000% full of SPOILERS.

OK? You can't say I didn't warn ya.

Sad boi Loki
Via Giphy

It's basically a look at Mobius dealing with the immediate aftermath of the events of the series.

...It also adds a dash of Lokius M/M (or NB/M, depending on how you count Loki,) because Marvel are cowards and fanfic authors are not 😎

(Fandom notes:

Lokius is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Loki and Mobius.)

The only Content Warning (so far as I can see) for this one, is for bereavement and grief.

...But, as always, I might've forgotten something, so be careful!

This week's fic, then, is:

Off the Beaten Path by ChaosAndOrder (CalmWaters)

Do you admire the speed and dedication of fandom?

Are you a Loki fan?

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  1. I finished Loki and I agree with your sentiments. You're right, ppl are fast! But I guess that shows passion in a well crafted finale.

    1. Yup, Marvel are cowards - they could've done a whole 'in another life, maybe...' thing if they wanted but no, we get the simmering tension of the last 2 series being entirely ignored. Wow.

      Yes! No-one is more dedicated than a fan creator! XD


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