Sunday 31 December 2023

Poetry: Free Verse

Originally published in the Medium Publication 'The Brain Is A Noodle' for the writing prompt 'write the poetry that’s in your heart, break the rules, be yourself (wait, this sounds like Ms. Frizzle’s line, oops! She’s an iconic inspiration for us all.)' set by the lovely Lucy Dan.

I decided to fill the prompt by writing an unedited poem - the only things I changed from the first draft were formatting and typos.

...You can tell that it really is unedited because even now, over a year later, I want to remove the line 'Oh burgeoning soul' 😅

Free Verse

swirl of multi-coloured smoke

Oh burgeoning soul,
discount Taliesin whose brow isn’t
so shining

Write it
Write it all

Because the shine is yours, the fire, the words
Speak them to life in voiceless screams
Silent vocals in an empty room
resounding in spare brain cells as they go

Throw away, for now, the oozing behemoth of capitalism
it gets no say in this
This one isn’t about consumerism
If there’s an audience, let them hear the truth

A truth that has not been written just for them
but for itself because there is no target demographic
for life

This one is not for some nameless faceless mass
this one is for each and every one
this one is for your calon lân, calon tân,
for the Awen burning in you.
This one is for the words that computers will
be able
to say.
Ancient words like caru and gwlad

— a mother tongue ripped away and replaced with foreign diction
before a word was ever uttered
which nonetheless, you have made
poetry —

With the barbed barbarous Saxon tongue
— a foreign muscle married with Cymric bones —
you still speak with the passion and flame
of the dragon’s fire and brimstone
from a Chapel pulpit.

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