Friday 15 December 2023

Month(s) in Review(s) - October + November 2023


Yes, this post covers two months.

No, I have not done that before.

Title: October + November. Sub-title: Hydref + Tachwedd (which has probably made your screen-reader spit out something incomprehensible, sorry) Background: leafies in browns and oranges and sepias and stuff

But I was already pretty busy/lacking in time in October, and then November...

Well, my criteria for a 'good month' in the hellstorm of 2023 is one where no-one I care about (human or animal,) dies, almost dies, or has a life-changing diagnosis.

November was not a good month.

...It may even have been one of the worst months of my life. I mean, there are other contenders, but it's up there.

November involved an ambulance with flashing lights, after a 999 call made by yours truly.

So, as of January 2023, one of my parents was seriously ill. As of November 2023, both of my parents are seriously ill.

Oh, and to top it off, my cat was ill in November (poor boy,) and I ended up spoon-feeding him for about a week.

Also, one of my parents is now scheduled to spend Christmas in hospital.

...I hate this year.

So, at the time all this was going down, I had not gotten around to writing a Month In Review(s) for October. 

And by the time I was in a place, mentally and logistically, where I might be able to write an October post, it was almost the end of November.

So I decided to combine the two, because why the hell not?

As I usually do (and Lord knows I need it this year,) I'll be posting a lot less in December, and my regular series will all be going on break.

Comics Wrap Up will be back on 11th January 2024

Friday Fics Fix will be back on 12th January 2024

Nerd Church will be back on 14th January 2024

...In the mean-time, why not catch up on some of my other posts? You can check out all my October and November posts in the list below.

dividing line

Comics Wrap-Up

Title: Comics Wrap-Up. Background: lined-notebook-style with speech bubbles containing heart symbol

(ALL of these talk about Loki series 2, so factor that in!)

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Still Pretty Extra - Madame Web and more

This Masterpiece - The Meowvels (not a typo!) and more

Friday Fics Fix

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic purple pattern

Izzy Hands Is Being Haunted - Something is aboard the Revenge... (this Our Flag Means Death (OFMD) fic is amazing!)

Sam and Bucky Undercover(s) - Marvel's Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes are going undercover as room-mates... at least, that was the plan. Now they're somehow fake husbands... they can sell that, right? M/M The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS)

A Spooky-Season LGBTQ+ Ghost Story Rec List

Because Incubus - MCU (Marvel,) fic where Tony's a sexy-times demon on a date with Bucky. I mean, that premise, though!

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5 More of My Fave Novel-Length Fics

Living Art, Right There - The Loki series 2 continuation we all needed

My Stand-Out Fics of 2023

Nerd Church

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Short Story: Some Space - weird and very Welsh li'l story

My Kind of Horror - Let's talk about one of my favourite genres!

The World In A Spin - I took up spinning my own wool, and now I have a unique view on the environment

Short Story: Bex Is On Her Own - a horror-ish short story

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With Respect (Remembrance, and The Call For Peace) - [CW] campaigning for the end of the slaughter of children can never be disrespectful

Short Story: Mornings Dawn, Whether You Want Them To Or Not - a short story about grief

Entropy - We fight cosmic forces, every day

Other Non-Review Posts

Month in Review(s) - September 2023

The 9 Year Blog Anniversary Post!

So... that was October and November. I hope yours was better!

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  1. Oh Cee, I am so so sorry this has happened. I totally understand how your priorities were in other places. I just wish you healing in whatever capacity you need. All the love!

    1. Thanks Em <3

      Honestly I'm surprised that I've managed to walk the line between keeping this blog going, and not over-working. (I hope that lasts!)


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