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Friday Fics Fix - Bucky's Uncertain Ordeal


'At first he couldn't hear the voice, he couldn't hear anything. But gradually he became aware of it, coming and going in bursts. He tried to grasp it, hold on to it, but it kept slipping away.

"Bucky? Can you hear me? Can you breathe for me?"'

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

When there's gaps in the canon, what's fanfic to do but to, y'know, step in...?

Like, when Avengers: Endgame leaves everyone in a nebulous situation, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) picks up after all the messy logistical stuff has already been dealt with and the brainwashed supersoldier assassin has already been pardoned.

...None of this is spoiler-y, since you can pretty much assume this from the trailer for TFATWS. #Don'tComeForMe

(Fandom notes:

Canon is the 'official' stuff in the book/film/whatever.)

Hey Cee, didn't you do TFATWS last week?

Why yes, yes I did. Thanks for noticing - I'm still TFATWS trash, so let's move on 😅

Sam (Anthony Mackie) to Bucky (Sebastian Stan): Where do we start?
Via Giphy

This fic, as mentioned, looks at that nebulous period when Bucky was as-yet unpardoned, and his future was very much up in the air.

A time with no Steve, and no real friendship with Sam to speak of.

The author's interpratation of that time is shadowy government uncertainty, coupled with a good dose of angst because I have an emo goblin spaghetti brain that craves sad bois from time to time. (Or... often, as the case may be.)

There's no romance or relationships in this fic - but neither can the thing with Steve's hoodies be taken as a purely heterosexual habit.

There is simply no heterosexual explanation for this, your honour.

...This level of clothing-sniffing is not a 'such good friends' action, I'm sorry. It's just not 😅

Like I said though, the blatantly Queer nature of Bucky's sniffing habits aren't really the focus here.

This is a well-written fic about Bucky's uncertain ordeal at the hands of one of the shadier aspects of the US government.

And we all know the rules about well-written fics: you gotta rec. Just has to be done.

Some Content Warnings for this one:

- suicidal thoughts (brief)

- PTSD symptoms

- panic attack/flashback (on-page)

- illegal imprisonment

- references to:

   - murder

   - torture

   - loss of autonomy always, I may have forgotten something.

This week's fic, then, is: 

The Demonstration by theboybarnes

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Sniffing another man's clothing (extensively) - is there any heterosexual explanation?

What part of canon (any fandom,) would you like to see fanfic fill in?

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