Sunday 24 March 2024

Nerd Church - The Participation Trophies Were Never The Problem

...Some hard truths from one of those pesky millennials

Title: The Participation Trophies Were Never The Problem. Background: confetti, a trophy, and a medal

I know you wouldn’t expect any less from a millennial but:

The participation trophies were never the problem.

Granted, in my school here in Wales in the UK, not even the winners got a trophy — more like a ribbon with a safety pin, or a sticker with 1st on it.

Those who didn’t win got something which said ‘I did it!’ or ‘Well done,’ etc.

Participation trophies prepared us for a world where sometimes you’ve got to try anyway, even if there’s no way you’ll get across that line first. 

It taught us to value ourselves, and our own efforts.

What did hurt us was learning that the best don’t win, the judges aren’t unbiased, cheaters prosper, talent and hard-work are seldom rewarded.

You (i.e., Society,) taught us to believe that we’d find success if we just worked hard enough...

...but you forgot to build a world where that was true.

Did your school have participation trophies?
Were they ever the problem some people make them out to be?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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  1. We didn't have participation trophies, but we did have virtue awards in which a few students a month would win a "good virtue of the month" award. Everyone got a turn. Catholic school things XD

    1. Lol, in infants' school (age 5-ish to 8-ish,) we had like 'pupil of the week' things which could be given for whatever the teacher wanted. Some kids literally got one for not having 'accidents,' - which is a vital life lesson, tbh.

  2. I remember that one little *sshole who always got the 'perfect attendance' award which always felt unfair, given that many of us had to take a bus and couldn't get there on time every day. due to it being out of our control. But again, as you mention, great life lesson. Life's not fair!

    1. Lol, I think I got a couple of those when I was younger... ;) In fairness, ours weren't linked to punctuality - because I was late *a lot*, lol.


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