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Friday Fics Fix - Four Fun Fanfics


Fanfiction can open your mind to new perspectives, ideas, styles, explore ideas and characters and art forms...

...or it can 'just' be a lot of fun. (Which is pretty impressive in and of itself.)

So I figured I'd give you four fun fanfics to enjoy (because I'm nice like that.)

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

As always with these rec lists, please check the original rec'ing post for spoiler status and Content Warnings.

Because this is me doing the rec'ing - it's entirely possible that even the fun fics need Content Warnings 😅

'green and gold: in my defense, stark, i actually didn’t mean to

green and gold: there was no malicious intent in this'

So, I Accidentally Kidnapped Your Child by 19BBY

Loki: This is a nightmare
Via Giphy

So, the premise here is that Loki kidnaps Peter... but it was an accident.

He's not entirely sure how it happened, to be perfectly honest, there was magic involved and something went a little weird - so if you could come pick him up now Stark? Stark?!?!

I love this fic, it's so random.

It's written entirely in chat/text messages, and I literally laughed more than once.

I mean, Iron-dad and Spider-kid with some fluffy FrostIron tossed in for the hell of it?

Even re-reading it for this post made me smile, tbh. It's great. 

(Fandom notes:

Iron-dad and Spider-kid is the parent-child relationship (either formal adoption or more of a father-figure style) between Tony Stark and Peter Parker from the MCU (Marvel movies & TV shows.)

FrostIron is a romantic and/or sexual relationship between Tony Stark and Loki. (It makes sense, and you can't deny it! Lol.))

Original rec'ing post here

'Sam scrubbed a hand over his face. “Look, I know you talk like that just to annoy me, that the ‘stoic brainwashed soldier’ thing is just an act-“

“I would never joke about perimeter security.”'

You Need A Hobby, Man by MightyAmphitrite


Sam (Anthony Mackie) to Bucky (Sebastian Stan): Where do we start?
Via Giphy

I mean... Bucky from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) has a book club.

What more could you want?

Actually - I would've wanted more from the actual book club, being honest. But that's just me. 😅

The fic is fab and fun and super-light-hearted, and if you're a TFATWS fan, you'll love it.

Original rec'ing post here

'An alarm was blaring, and once Nate came to his senses he realized he was standing outside a bank, holding a sack full of money.'

First Draft by Queen_Woomy


Sara to Mick at a bar in the Wild West: Line them up!
via Giphy

For any other fandom, this would be crack - but not DC's Legends of Tomorrow (LoT)!

...This could legit. be an episode plot, and it actually wouldn't be their most outlandish or bizarre.

(Fandom notes:

crack = fanfiction so utterly bizarre and batpoop that it's more than a little, well, cracked. (And/or a drugs reference.))

Mick Rory is one of the original LoT team who went all the way from series 1 to series 6. 

He's a macho thug who writes romance novels. 

Because this is Legends, and Legends is amazing.

In this fic, due to magical shenanigans, much of the team get sucked into the first draft of Mick's new novel.

...Which is a thriller/romance mash-up.

Cue hijinks! Lol.

This fic is also super-Queer - 

- like, even Queerer than the series, which has a lot of canonically Queer characters throughout.

Impressive, tbh.

Original rec'ing post here

'The coffee is gone.

"No," Clint whispers, staring at the counter where he left it. "What the... is it... coffee burglar?"'

No Consequences, No Hangovers by jedusaur

Clint Barton: Weird flex, but sure
Via Giphy


In order for me to like a time-loop fic, and not get effing bored of it half-way through, it has to be creative.

And this is! (Yay!)

It's fun, it has a bunch of creative ideas, and it made me laugh.

The basic premise, here, is that Clint Barton - aka Marvel's Hawkeye - is reliving a very stressful day.

Like - it just had to be the day where the Avengers end up fighting weird interdimensional bionic rats, he spends five hours tied up on a goddamn boat back-to-back with Bucky Barnes and without his hearing aids, and there is No. Coffee.

No coffee.


How is he supposed to deal with that?!

This fic is really fun (hence why it's on this list,) and clever - and also involves a relationship between Clint and Bucky Barnes.

That's not a relationship you see that often in fanfiction, and I love it here - it's done really well.

Original rec'ing post here

Are you a fan of fun fanfics?

Any recs?

Talk to me! 😀💬

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