Friday 29 March 2024

Friday Fics Fix - We'll Soldier On Regardless

"Jesus Buck," Sam says, "I leave for three days. Three days, and I come back to find you half dead in our kitchen."

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns


Hopefully by the time this post goes up, AO3 will be back online.

AO3, for those unfamiliar, is the primary place for fanfiction on the internet - it's the most user-friendly, covers the broadest range of fandoms, and has the most people (as far as I can tell,) actively uploading fanfiction.

It's also where I read 99% of my fanfiction - because of said user-friendliness, and also because I can download to my e-reader - and so 99.99% of my fic recs are from AO3.

This is not the first time that AO3 has gone down unexpectedly.

Last year, they went down due to a DDOS attack - reputedly by a terror group. No, really.

Check out Coleydoesthings's video on YouTube here (run-time: 17.57) for the full explanation.

But basically: LGBTQ+ friendly media is always at risk, and fanfiction is some of the Queerest media there is. 

Support LGBTQ+ creators and organisations - please and thank you.

Anywho, I'ma rec. the thing, and hope that people can actually get to the thing 😅

This fic is actually not Queer *gasps*

- this must be some form of oversight, but we'll soldier on regardless. 😅

I thought this fic was gonna be a standard mission fic... I was wrong.

And you know I love it when fanfiction surprises me!

(Fandom notes:

mission fic is a piece of fanfiction that's based around an episodic-style storyline - not dissimilar to a monster-of-the-week/murder-of-the-week style narrative.

They're usually (but not always) written about fandoms which involve a lot of action/adventure  - especially if they contain characters who are in the military, or are military-adjacent.)

Sam to Bucky: What's going on in that cyborg brain of yours? Bucky to Sam: You don't wanna know
Via Giphy

This is a The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) fic where someone from Bucky's Winter Soldier past comes along and kicks his butt to kingdom come.

And while there's action, and superhero-shenanigans aplenty, it turned out to be a really interesting look into some of the ethical issues around the way governments use people as weapons.



...I know. It escalated quickly.

I don't really wanna say more, because I feel like this fic is best enjoyed as it unfolds, rather than with a load of info. known before-hand.

I was impressed, so make of that what you will.


Some Content Warnings for this one:

- GRAPHIC violence, bordering torture

- severe injuries

- blood

- hospitals

- references to murder and war

- loss of autonomy

...I think that's everything, as always, please be careful.

This week's fic, which you can hopefully actually access, is:

ARTEMIS by spinachgarden

Were you aware of the AO3 issues?

Do you like it when fics get surprisingly deep?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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