Sunday 14 April 2024

Nerd Church - It's OK (Just Keep Going)


Title: It's OK (Just Keep Going)

The world is a total mess, but it's OK, just keep going.

There's war and floods and famine and disease, but it's OK, just keep going.

The things that bump in the night are real, but it's OK, just keep going.

You're tired and lonely, but it's OK, just keep going.

The world keeps knocking you down, but it's OK, just keep going.

...Because I promise that there are moments when the sun shines through.

I promise that there's hope and love and happiness, even and especially when it feels like there isn't.

I promise that you're beautiful and wonderful and strong, even and especially when you think that you're not.

I know it's not OK. I know the world is hard and harsh and cruel. 

But even though it's not OK, that's OK - just keep going. One tiny step at a time.

(Brought to you by the art of giving myself a pep talk and then posting it on the internet 😅)

So - how are you?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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