Wednesday 7 November 2018

Month In Review(s) - October 2018

Argh. October.

October was pretty much like the previous months - stressful, full of family worries, and working uber-hard.

My grandparents are both still in hospital. Life is still hectic.

Only October also managed to give me the gift of about four or five different colds. I'm one of those people who get colds on a rotating-door type basis. 😷

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Due to... all of that... I've had to rebalance blogging, work, and life, so many times that I'm goddamned exhausted!

So once again I have to tell you that if I'm AWOL for a day or two, or have to delay posts, that's why.

But - the bright side, dearest nerdlets! 😃

Dora Reads is four years old, I hit over 4k Twitter followers, and I love all of you!

Plus I'm still standing. And that's what counts! 😊

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So that's my October, how was yours?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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Last updated: 10th Nov 2018


  1. Oh no, I'm sorry about your grandparents and that you've been sick so much :-( It's impressive that you've gotten any blogging done at all. I hope things start improving soon <3

    1. Thanks Kristen! And thanks for the reminder that I'm doing ok with the blogging! That's always good to hear! <3 <3 <3

  2. Ugh I know the feeling with colds, Cee! I have the most terrible cough as the result of one currently. I hate fall for many reasons, but the colds are definitely a top one.

  3. I hope both of your grandparents are able to get out of the hospital soon. Sorry about the colds. I got colds like that when I was a student. I’m a lot healthier now that I interact with other humans less often. :)

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Thanks - and clearly the interaction with the other humans is where everyone goes wrong ;)

  4. I can totally understand why you would be exhausted from time to time - you're really balancing a lot of things there. Wishing love and health to both your grandparents <3 And make sure you are taking good care of yourself too!! xx

    My recent post:

  5. I hope November is healthier for you. I know stress lowers your immune system, so since you've been dealing with so much, you probably are extra likely. People freely share their germs. Congrats on blogging for 4 years!

    1. Thanks! And yeah - I think going back and fore to the hospital to visit isn't helping with the spread of germs!


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