Thursday 21 March 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - But Darlin' Whatcha Gonna Say Now?

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Lots of all the comics-y goodness this week my nerdlets! So let's do this! 😎

Film Trailers

New Avengers: Endgame trailer!!!!!!

Ft. Captain Marvel - oh yeah! 😎

(Warning: SPOILERS for Infinity War, flashing images)

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And of this week's Captain Marvel trailers, my pick is the one focussed on Goose the cat (b/c kitty.)

(Warning: mild flashing images, extreme cuteness)


I saw Captain Marvel!!!!!!!!! XD

(And yeah, it's totally worth the hype, imho!)

Nick Fury and Goose the cat provided scenes of cuteness which we totally need in this world!

Nicky Fury (Samuel L Jackson) petting Goose the ginger cat
Via Giphy

And I really appreciate a) how awesome Brie Larson is as Carol Danvers, b) her costume covers her organs goddammit, c) she'll smile when she wants to dammit! and d) there's no love interest.

Hear that? We have a female superhero with no love interest!!!!! Progress folks, progress.

Other Stuff

I'm lovin' this Honest Trailer from Screen Junkies on Aquaman.

Tbh, I'd include it simply for 'the Smoulder.'

(Warning: SPOILERS, flashing images, adult humour.

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Also from Screen Junkies, this time from Screen Junkies News, is this excellent video looking at the facts and fictions of Captain Marvel's box office takings.

It's quite long (run time: 36.11,) but if you have the time to watch then I highly recommend it - it's an excellent video about sources, reporting bias, and how misinformation can spread on the Internet.

I know that doesn't necessarily sound entertaining, but I found it to be informative and watchable, and I think it's actually quite important - maybe put it on in the background while you're doing sh** if you don't have the time to just sit down and watch!

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('Bout time too.)

If you missed this whole *waves airily* ...thing, then you're probably better off, tbh. 

Basically: there were Nazis.

I've had to say that way too often in the 21st Century. *sighs*

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And to end this week, we have a fun little promo vid with two of the actors from Umbrella Academy, Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper, doing an interview/mucking around on the tube:

Have you seen Captain Marvel?
What are your thoughts on the Avengers trailer?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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Last updated: 31st March 2019


  1. I’m glad you liked Captain Marvel!! I am also really glad that James Gunn is back. Like we discussed before, there were just so many other much more problematic people that should have been focused on. He apologized, he’s willing to grow, we should accept a person when they’ve changed!

    1. Hell yes! Gunn couldn't have acted more like a gent throughout all this - took full responsibility, accepted his (quite frankly unfair) treatment without complaint, saying that he only had himself to blame.

      The things he said were NOT OK, but they were also not reflective of his current views (or even his views at the time, really, they were disgusting jokes, but not his serious opinions,) and he's apologised extensively. The fact is that this was an attempt by the Nazis to remove a Trump opponent from a prominent position - and I'm glad their influence is fading.

      And Captain Marvel is awesome!!! XD


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