Friday 15 March 2019

Friday Fics Fix - Shelter From the Rain and Snow

'Diego can hear his own voice, somewhere between tired and terse, and he scrubs a hand over his eyes, feels the dryness of his palm catch on his stubble.'

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I love this fic. It's excellent.

Like, dudes, this is good. Y'know?

I love it when fanfiction is well-written! 😃

This is fanfiction based on The Umbrella Academy.

(You may know from my various fangirling instances that I LOVE this Netflix series, just like I've LOVED the graphic novels and the great Gerard Way for soooo long.

So I'm actually kind of impressed it took me so long to go looking for UA fanfiction. 😅)

Please, don't get all FOMO if you haven't seen it though!

I love it, but it's a TV show at the end of the day, dearest nerdlets, and not everyone has the time or access to watch every show.

For the purposes of this fic though, I will explain a li'l bit of background info.

(Cos, y'know, I'm nice like that! Lol.)

OK. The Umbrella Academy are a team of superheroes who are also an adopted family.

They were adopted as babies by an eccentric (and, in various ways, abusive,) billionaire because, basically, they have superpowers.

(It's a little more complicated - but that's what it boils down to!)

Fast forward to some very difficult years later, and they gather for the funeral of their father (said abusive billionaire.)

Klaus Hargreeves: 'Where are you going with this?'
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Now, they are seven emotionally, and sometimes physically, scarred adults.

They are dysfunctional af. To put it mildly.

This fic features my boy, Klaus, and one of his brothers, Diego.

Klaus is a Queer drug addict who speaks to the dead. (He's my Queen, ok?)

Diego's knives never miss their target, and he likes to dress like Leather Action Man; he also has a slight stutter which was worse when he was a kid.

The fic is set in the years between their childhood and their reunion.

Klaus at this point is a heavy drug user, and the fic centres around Diego giving him shelter in the cold weather for a few days.

It's the simplicity and complexity of that snapshot of time that makes this fic so brilliant.

Like, a lot of writers don't understand that to create emotional depth, you have to make things simpler.

That's what this fic author does.

This week's fic is:

come and knock on my door by thegoodlannister

'...he chuckles, low, exposing a rattle Diego can’t ignore in his chest, and suddenly Diego is gripping the table hard enough that it creaks, trying very hard not to remember how cold Klaus had felt when he found him that morning.'

This is a quiet, tense, gentle, portrait of dealing with a family member with addiction.

Fanfiction is gonna save the world, dearest nerdlets.

Anyone who thinks fanfiction isn't 'real' writing/reading-material needs to open their narrow minds to the life in these words.

(...OK, I got all over-passionate and melodramatic again! You know you love me, though. 😉)

Do you think fanfiction is real literature? (I don't bite... much 😉)
Have you seen The Umbrella Academy?
Talk to me! 😘💬

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  1. As you know, I do not read fanfiction, but I think any fictional story is literature, whether it is published it or not. Fanfiction? Literature! That senseless story I scribbled down last week while I was waiting for class to begin? Literature!


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