Thursday 11 April 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - Woke Up on the Wrong Side of Reality

comics wrap-up title image with manga-style woman handing her living shadow a flower

We got Avengers, and some other stuff!

Let's do this:

Movie Trailers

Avengers: Endgame clip!!!!!

Captain Marvel came to get the job DONE! (Also, Cap swored! 😲😉)

Warning: v. mild flashing images, swearing.

dividing line
Also, there's a new mini-trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix!

And clearly Sansa Stark has had enough of your b*llsh**, Lannisters!

Oh, wait. That's Sophie Turner's other big part! Lol.

Honestly though, I feel like their attempting to give this trailer an almost Game of Thrones style vibe - take a look and see if you can see what I'm talking about:

Warning: flashing images

Other Stuff

I'm loving this video from The Warp Zone, as Batman takes on crime-fighting without corporate support!

(My fellow content-creators will def. appreciate some of this!)

Warning: adult humour

Do you think the Dark Phoenix trailer has a Game of Thrones vibe?
Are you loving Captain Marvel in the Endgame clip?
Talk to me! 😀💬

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Last updated: 13th April 2019


  1. When you first mentioned the Dark Phoenix trailer and then followed up with “Sansa Stark” I got kinda confused LOL. Maybe a crossover is needed!

    1. Haha, sorry Em! And I would pay to watch Wolverine carve up King Joffrey (is that how you spell that? Who knows! Lol.)


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