Thursday 27 June 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - An Angel in the Cruelest of Worlds

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Comics Wrap-Up is back from it's break, and as full of comics-y, superhero-y, stuff as ever!


I saw Brightburn last week and... it's pretty cool... and very, very, messed up.

Like, it's kind of like Superman hit puberty... and decided he was gonna be the mother of all troubled teens!

I actually recommend not watching trailers for this one - it's better if you just go in fresh.

Little warning though: it's kind of like a superhero movie smashed into a horror film, so if you're not ok with the blood/gore... you get the point.

Graphic Novels

I finally got to read Ms Marvel: No Normal thanks to my library's digital comics service - I love it so much!

Ms Marvel book cover

And I totally ship Kamala and Bruno! Plus Bill & Ted references are a total win.

You should totally check out Emily's review of this over @ Paperback Princess!

Other Stuff

Catch up on my Nerd Church post about super-dads (and not-so-super-dads!)

And to finish up this week, here's a 'How It Should Have Ended' for Avengers: Endgame

(Warning: flashing images, mild adult humour, violence, a butt-tonne of SPOILERS and pointing-out plotholes.)

Have you seen Brightburn?
What graphic novels have you read recently?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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'An angel in the cruelest of worlds' is from Somebody for Someone by The Corrs

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