Thursday 4 July 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - I Painted Your Room At Midnight

comics wrap-up title image with manga-style woman handing her living shadow a flower

It's Thursday, I'm not sure which way is up any more - but let's get some comics-y goodness!

TV Trailers

Another awesome-sauce teaser trailer for Batwoman, dearest nerdlets!

(Warning: v. mild flashing images)

[Update 25th Feb 2022: video no longer available]

If you could give it a like on YouTube, to counter-act the dislike-bombing by children who don't think women should be superheroes?


Other Stuff

For Umbrella Academy meets American Horror Story fanfiction-y goodness, check out last week's Friday Fics Fix!

dividing line

And to finish this week with some lolz, check out this Warp Zone vid about your friendly neighbourhood accountant - John Spiderman:

(Warning: flashing images, some toilet humour)

Are you looking forward to Batwoman?
What superhero stuff have you been enjoying lately?
Talk to me! 👍💬

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'I painted your room at midnight' is from The Crow and the Butterfly* by Shinedown

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Last updated: 25th Feb 2022


  1. Haven’t gotten up to much Superhero stuff lately, but I am quite excited for Spider-Man: Far From Home!

    1. I saw it yesterday - so fun and awesomeness! XD

  2. Thank you for sharing! I have seen a few things about the new Spider-Man movie, I wouldn’t mind watching it. Lauren x

    1. I saw it yesterday - loved it! I love Spider-Man, he's always a lot of fun! XD


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