Thursday 18 July 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - You're the Perfect Distraction

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You know what Thursday means? Superhero-y comics-y goodness! Woo!

Everything this week falls into the 'Other Stuff' category - which, as always, is Loki's fault.

Gif. Loki: You had one job

It's also kind of superhero-adjacent, because that's just the way the cards fall sometimes *shrugs*

Other Stuff

First up we have an Anthony Padilla YouTube vid about stunt performers.

It's pretty damn cool, and these are people who have been on Marvel and DC movies and TV series, doing the action-work for some of your favourite superheroes.

Warning: flashing images, dangerous stunts, and details of serious injury.

Run-time: 11.04

dividing line
And to finish this week, is the treat that is Jeremy Renner somehow turning out to be a rock god. I know.

(And this totally counts for my Comics Wrap-Up post, because Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye, and we need more Hawkeye-related content.

It's well known that being a Hawkeye-fan in the MCU, is like being the parent of the kid who plays the tree in the school play. 'There he is! Wait! There!' Lol.)

Warning: flashing images

How was your week superhero/comics-wise? (You may have noticed mine was a little thin on the ground!)
Do you think about stunt logistics when you watch films?
What do you think of Jeremy Renner's rock god moment?
Talk to me! 😎💬

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'You're the perfect distraction' is from Main Attraction* by Jeremy Renner

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  1. Your week may have been thin on the superhero front, but mine was non existent so I still think you’re doing better than me lol!


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