Thursday 11 July 2019

Comics Wrap-Up - They Say That A Hero Could Save Us

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It's Thursday! And this week's comics wrap-up is full of Spider-Man! Woo!


I saw Spider-Man: Far From Home last week, and I totally loved it!

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Spider-Man is still as fun as ever, even when it has serious moments. Tom Holland's fab, and the randomness is totally awesome.

Plus, it actually had a message (buried deep in there, under all the superhero action!) about whether we can trust our senses in a world of advanced technology.

Can't say any more, or it would get spoiler-y - but I thought it was well-done.

Other Stuff

If you're an Agents of SHIELD fan, be sure to check out last Friday's Fics Fix post!
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In other Spidey news, Far From Home is doing well for itself on the Box Office front, even taking the odd record from Endgame's grubby little paws.
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And to finish we have yet more Spidey! (I know, I spoil you.) Here's a Pitch Meeting from Screen Rant for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

(Warning: Here be SPOILERS.)

Have you seen Far From Home?
Where does Spider-Man rank on your mental superhero preference list? (Because everyone has one, ofc 😅)
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'They say that a hero could save us' is from Hero* by Chad Kroeger Ft. Josey Scott

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Last updated: 17th July 2019


  1. I haven’t seen Far From Home yet but your mini review of it has made me all the more excited! I love Tom Holland as Peter no matter what anyone says.

    1. I hope when you do see it you enjoy it! I LOVE Tom Holland as Peter! So awesome! <3

  2. I've seen Spider-Man: Far From Home. I love the fresh take Marvel gives on the themes of responsibility and not feeling up to the role. Adding on to the earlier discussion - Tom Holland does a good job portraying Peter / Spiderman :)

    1. It's so awesome! And Tom Holland is amazing!!!! I loved him in Infinity War! Like dude, *that* moment deserved a freaking Oscar! <3


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