Friday 12 July 2019

Friday Fics Fix - 3-For-1 Boarding-School Special

I normally recommend one fic a week in these posts. This week, I'm gonna rec three.

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Why? Because I can't choose between them.

And now I've given up trying - I'm just gonna give 'em to you, with a bit of info about each!

And, as it happens, all of them are set at boarding schools!

...I don't know how this happened, I rarely read fics set at boarding schools unless it's Hogwarts, but serendipity is a funny, funny, chick when she gets going.

(...I think the heat has gone to my head, but anyway!)

Little warning to begin with: all three of these fics are based around films that deal (graphically) with teen suicide.

Stay safe, dearest nerdlets! You matter.

Also, all of these potentially have SPOILERS, ok? Ok.

1. we had the stars by mlmcowboy

'Todd is beautiful.

That is the root of most of Neil’s problems.'

This first fic is based on Dead Poets' Society, and the possible subtext of Todd and Neil. 

It's kind of smooshie and v. fluffy, but also shows how Queer teens force themselves into heteronormative narratives.

...That was a weird sentence, starting in fangirl and ending in smarty-pants-land, but I stand by it 😅

Dead Poets' Society. John Keating (Robin Williams) - 'No matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world.'
Via Giphy

2. Blowing up your school and how to deal with it: A detailed guide. by mauvesubmarine

'“You’re mad, Ducky.” I say to him through breaths. My inhaler probably got blown up. “How can you cycle several miles without absolutely dying?”'

This is the first of two fics I have for ya based on the 2018 film Slaughterhouse Rulez.

This is a fab British horror-comedy (side warning: it has a butt-tonne of gore,) which, imho, deserves more recognition.

It also has Asa Butterfield playing the explicitly Queer -

(probably Gay, but what we know for certain from the film is that he had a relationship with another boy, which led to much Queer Pain™)

- Willoughby Blake, who is just effing amazing!

This fic is a short sequel to the film, dealing with Will and the others in the aftermath of the bizarre events of the movie.

3. Who See With Blinding Sight by one_flying_ace

'Will leans against the doorframe, looking like the smug little sh** he is. 

“How the f**k did you wrangle this?”

“I cried,” Will says, with an artful sniff and sly smile. “Come on, ducky.”'

This last fic is a longer sequel to Slaughterhouse Rulez, where Will and friend Don end up in a relationship.

I personally don't think this relationship would be in character but *shrugs* it's worked well here, and fanfiction is a place to explore the untaken path!

This fic does have some sex scenes - not overly-graphic, but they're there.

It also deals more with homophobia, suicide, grief, and bullying, than the other fics.

Plus it uses the word psycho in an insult-context, which is kind of ableist, so, that's not great.

Generally though? It's a solid fic, exploring the practical and emotional aftermath of the film.

Have you seen either of these films?
What non-Harry Potter films have you seen with boarding schools?
Talk to me! ❤💬

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  1. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve read any books or watched any movies besides HP that take place at boarding schools. I think I would like to though, because I think the trope is really interesting!

    1. It's a common horror setting, so I've seen/read it from time to time, especially when it comes to YA horror! If I remember correctly (which I might not be, but meh) Say Her Name by Juno Dawson and As I Descended by Robin Talley are both set in boarding schools.


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