Friday 22 November 2019

Friday Fics Fix - No More False Starts

Sorry if you saw this post appear briefly yesterday. I hit the publish button instead of the 'save' 😅 - ok, let's resume our regular service:

'“How was deducing the relationship status of the entire jury relevant?”'

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Well-written Johnlock!

Now that that has brought every M/M-loving Sherlockian's head up like a li'l meerkat, lemme tell you about this awesome well-written Johnlock I found!

(Fangirling notes:

Johnlock - John Watson and Sherlock Holmes (usually from BBC's Sherlock) having a romantic and/or sexual relationship.

Sherlockian - BBC Sherlock fan)

What really surprised me about this was that it's well-written and a 5+1 fic.

To those who don't know: 5+1 fics are where there are 5 occurences around a common theme.

For example, it could be 5 times I went to the supermarket and got injured (...I have no idea why that was the example my brain came up with, but ok!)

The +1 is usually either something that's the opposite - 

so in my example, one time I went to the supermarket and didn't get injured

- or a twist on the theme:

so, one time I went to the supermarket and someone else got injured, or one time I went to the library and got injured.

Hopefully that explains it. It's pretty simple, really. It's just labour-intensive to explain.

So why is it surprising that it's well-written and 5+1?

Well, because... a lot of the time 5+1 fics aren't well-written 😅

There's nothing inherently wrong with the format, but a lot of the time you can tell that the fic author started to lose steam at #3, or that they got so obssessed with making the story fit said format that it's actually a little stilted.

But this one? 

Is well-written, carefully explores characters and their reactions to each other, and links all of the 5+1 events together in an actual plot/narrative.

Sherlock (from The Abominable Bride): Hmm. Pray. Continue with your fascinating narrative
Via Giphy

So, this week's fic is:

Bail Me Out by adventureofthedancinggirl

...and that's a pretty awesome author name, tbh!

Do you like 5+1 fics?
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