Monday 17 February 2020

Micropoetry - January 2020

I hoped to get January's Micropoetry post out earlier than this but... *shrugs*

Life happens. And I'm working hard on not over-working (I know, #WalkingContradiction ftw)

I'm also kinda nervous about this month's poems, 'cos... I don't know, tbh. I just am 😅 So hopefully you'll like them!

As always, for those using a screen-reader, the poems are in the alt-text, and line breaks are shown with / marks.

17th January //   Ghost hug /  You can't /  feel it /  but / it's there  //   Memory /  of warm arms /  Phantom sensation /  of skin and bones /  Spectre /  of the love and safety /  you gave with each cuddle /  you gave to me /  your only granddaughter /  The spirit of your heart  //   Ghost hug /  You can't /  feel it /  but /  it's there
dividing line
22nd January //   How can I catch you? /  You're all falling /  down /  How can I catch you? /  When you're so /  Far from /  the ground?  //   How can I catch you, /  from down in /  this hell?  / How can I catch you, /  when I'm so lost /  myself?    // Still I stick my arms up /  Wide open /  Mouth calling /  Heart broken -  //   I try /  Anyway

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