Thursday 25 June 2020

Comics Wrap-Up - Just Keep Staring At the Sun, Pray For Summer's End

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It's Thursday, the UK is way too hot, let's cool off with some superhero-y comics-y goodness!

Everything this week is once again in the 'Other Stuff' category, and therefore, as per tradition, we shall blame Loki.

Other Stuff

Booktuber BookishRealm made an awesome comics and graphic novels TBR (to be read) video that you should check out!

Run time: 22.05

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There's a post of Iron Man & Sailor Moon crossover fan art on Comic Book Resources and I'm not entirely sure what I just saw, but I'm giving it to you now.

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Last week's Pride edition of Friday Fics Fix celebrated fics with Trans+ characters, a bunch of which were about superheroes.

Your take on the Iron Man x Sailor Moon fan art...? 😅
How many comics/graphic novels are on your TBR?
Talk to me! 😊💬

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'Just keep staring at the sun, pray for summer's end' is from Summer's End by The Foo Fighters


  1. The only comics I have on my TBR are the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. Buffy is one of my favourite shows and I really wanted to get into the comics, but since I'm still very new to comics I wasn't sure how I would like them. But I absolutely love them, and fly through them!


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