Friday 19 June 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Fics With Trans+ Characters

It's another Friday in June my dearest nerdlets, which means that it's another instalment in my Pride Fics Fest - and this time we're gonna look at fics with Trans+ main characters.

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Fanfiction is here to support our Trans and Non-Binary siblings!

Fanfiction can be a place where Trans+/NB+ people can find the kind of representation that is largely not present in mainstream media.

Not to say that fanfiction is always good at Trans+/NB+ rep. - fic writers don't always know what they're talking about, and fanfiction is completely open, and therefore can be written by literally anyone. 

But, imho, you're more likely to find stories with good Trans+/NB+ rep. in fanfic than you are elsewhere.

Note: please check the original rec'ing post for Content Warnings for each fic, and/or the tags on the fics themselves.

For the second week in a row, I'm gonna rec. this fic about canonically Trans superhero Nia Nal, from the Supergirl TV show, and her romantic relationship with alien cyborg Brainiac 5.

(Fangirling notes: Canon is something that is explicitly part of the TV series/book/whatever.)

I love both characters - so much! They're amazing.

The Marvel comics version of Loki is all kinds of Queer - including sometimes being a woman.

He's generally accepted as being Gender-Fluid and either Bisexual or Pansexual - though the labels are never explicitly used, he simply explains that he thinks of these things differently to the way 'Midgardians' do.

Why isn't this included in the MCU movies? Because Marvel and Disney are cowards, dearest nerdlets, and would rather straight-wash him.

They also erased Clint Barton (Hawkeye)'s deafness, so their track-record isn't great diversity-wise.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) captioned 'Silently judging you'
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Disaster Trio™ by Hittinmiss features Loki having a random, and just plain awesome, friendship with Peter Parker, and with Shuri from Black Panther. 

Loki uses They/Their pronouns in this fic, which I first rec'd in 2019, and it's LGBTQ+ friendly all round.

Speaking of casual Trans acceptance, a lot of fics explore the idea of Diego Hargreeves from The Umbrella Academy being a Trans man.

(He's also Latino, so QPoC rep ftw!)

One of my faves is the novel-length detective-style fic Who You Gonna Call...? by riverwrenwrites.

When I first rec'd this fic, I said: 'Diego's Trans identity is dealt with so well here (in this humble Cis chick's opinion,) - casual, but not window-dressing.

He is consistently Trans - it doesn't come up every minute of every day, but neither is it completely forgotten about 2 chapters in.'

Diego Hargeeves (David Castenada,) sitting at a desk at a police station: Damn
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Granted, not everyone will be up for reading about cops at the moment, no matter how diverse, so how about an #OwnVoices exploration of a Gender-Fluid Klaus Hargreeves instead?

you have three sisters today by knightofcauldrons, is such a fic, and also features an Agender Five Hargreeves.

As I discussed in my original rec post, I loved this fic because I could relate to the Fluidity aspect (albeit I'm Sexually Fluid, not Gender Fluid - not trying to take away from NB+ people and make this a Cis thing, I promise!) and I def. think this one's worth a read - it's all the feels, tbh.

(Feel free to skip to ***[/CW]*** instead of reading the next section)

*** [CW: JKR; Transphobia] ***

If you're in that situation: how you feel is how you feel.

Harry Potter may be irrevocably tainted for you - for which I'm sorry. 

I'm sorry you were hurt in this way. 

But it's also perfectly valid and understandable - and you have every right to feel like this.

You may want to find a way to still enjoy Harry Potter, though, especially if it's something that's meant a lot to you. And that's OK too.

Sometimes simply being happy is an act of rebellion.

I totally understand if you want nothing to do with HP ever again.

My dearest Trans+ and NB+ nerdlets: YOU are what matters. 

It's horrible that you have to find a way to come to terms with one woman's petty and hateful words, but however you choose to cope with and process this, you're valid, your feelings are valid, and YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.

*** [/CW] ***

I hope you find something worth reading here dearest nerdlets!
Do you know of any awesome fics with Trans+ characters?
Talk to me! 😄💬

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  1. I can totally get why some people would want to be rid of the HP universe forever now. I was watching a booktube video the other day and the youtuber literally got rid of all her Harry Potter books. I could understand, and I also understand why letting go of something that meant so much to you is not an easy thing to do.

    However, I also liked how you said "sometimes being happy can be a form of rebellion." What better way to rebel against JKR than by writing HP fanfiction with trans characters?!

    1. Ha, I have a subversive streak a mile wide ;)

      Again, it's entirely up to people how they cope with this - I'm not telling anyone what to feel - but there's something just deliciously 'eff you' about Trans HP fics ;) <3

  2. Loki is certainly an interesting character! I would expect them to use they/their.

    About Harry Potter, it's another thing of separating the work from the creator. I'm hurt to see people canceling HP, but I totally understand where the feelings come from. But hey, fanfictions might be the best healing method!

    1. I would settle for Loki being canonically Queer in the MCU, but I loved that that fic used they/them for him. He usually uses he/him in the comics, but when she's a woman, she uses she/her.

      It's very difficult here to separate art from artist... and I totally get that. But if I can ease that for some people? I'm more than happy to rec Trans HP fics :)


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