Friday 5 June 2020

Friday Fics Fix - Pride Fics Fest: Bringing Subtext Into The Spotlight

June is Pride Month dearest nerdlets! 

So, since a lot of events have been cancelled this year (*whispers* I've never actually been to an event and that's OK! There's no checklist for Queer validation!) and fanfiction is, generally, Queer af, I figured I'd have my own li'l Pride Fics Fest!

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This week, I'm looking at fics which take that Queer subtext (which ranges from slipping under the radar to just plain Queerbaiting,) and bring it to the forefront!

Because fanfiction, as mentioned, is hella Gay!

So, I've been mining my extensive fanfiction-related blogpost archive, to bring attention to the fics which bring attention to the subtext! :)

First up, the incognito Queerness of High School Musical 2.

Last July I explained Chad and Ryan and... How They Swing... with In an Oblivious Crowd by allyndra.

'I Don't Dance' is one of the Queerest effing things I've ever seen, ok?

I went into detail last year. But trust me, it's there.

And I love the way this fic has Chad and Ryan trying to be taken seriously as a couple, while all of their friends think they're just joking around, cos that really messes with the concept of the subtext!

(And y'know I love me some meta!)

Now to Dracula - the type of subtext you can't help but get behind, because you couldn't be openly Queer in 1897.

Dracula (Claes Van Bang) looking confused and dripping wet
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Over the New Year, the BBC brought some of that subtext to the forefront in their new adaptation, and fanfiction just had to follow it!

So, while giving all the warnings I had to (because this one required some warnings!), in January I recommended no eye girl by 2space_lesbo1

Now, to some more contentious, or 'Queerbaiting' subtext: BBC's Sherlock.

Gatiss and Moffat really need to stop dangling bait.

Because one of my main bug-bears with the series (much as I love it,) is, that if Sherlock isn't interested in sex and/or romance... why didn't they make him canonically Asexual and/or Aromantic?!

John (Martin Freeman) to Sherlock (Benedroll Bandersnatch): You're a drama queen!
...If only!

Via Giphy

So let's fix that, shall we?

(How was that post written in 2016...? I feel like I just wrote that - my understanding of time totally sucks. 

And... apparently I've been writing Fics Fix for about five or six years now?! That's kind of terrifying!)

It sees an Aro/Ace Sherlock in Omegaverse.

No, really, this is Omegaverse without sexy times! 

Fangirling notes: 

Omegaverse (also known as Omega Verse, A/B/O Verse, etc.) is an Alternate Universe trope with... a lot of physical, biological, and societal differences to our own.

The short and mega-simplified version is that Omegaverse involves animalistic sex on a regular basis.

Or are you in need of some Johnlock?

You know I gotcha covered!

Try out It's Always Been You by SherlockWatson_Holmes - a fic that I'm still not even sure I like but which I will always applaud for being interesting and thought-provoking!

Fangirling notes:

Johnlock is a romantic and/or sexy times relationship between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, especially relating to BBC's Sherlock.

Thoughts on subtext and/or Queerbaiting dearest nerdlets?
Any fave LGBTQ+ fanfiction you can recommend?
Talk to me!

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  1. I just watched HSM2 with my mom and sister the other day, and the sexual tension between Chad and Ryan is so there. I Don’t Dance is such a great song, and it’s a shame they never addressed how much those two were crushing on each other.

    1. Like... how do people not notice that scene is Gay af?! Heteronormativity is weird! <3


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