Thursday 7 January 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Everyone Is Trying, Everyone Is Shining


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It's 2021, all the UK home nations are in Lockdown, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness, and try to forget 2020 ever happened!

Graphic Novels

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In December, I read Ms Marvel Vol 2: Generation Why* - which I loved, obviously! 

Ms Marvel vol 2 cover with Kamala Khan stopping bank robbers while scrolling on her phone

Especially when Wolverine showed up. I need more interaction between Kamala Khan and Logan, because that was priceless!

The only small issue I had with it was the page layout of the panels was a little confusing in places - although in fairness that might've been because I was reading it on my library's comics app, and things don't always transfer well.

TV shows

I finally saw the end of series 2 of The Umbrella Academy!

For those who don't know, I was stretching out the end of the series, just to keep the anticipation going 😅

And yes, I loved it! Disappointed that certain aspects of Vol 2 of the comics weren't used, especially with Allison, but then assassination is a delicate subject 😅

Klaus (Robert Sheehan) to Raymond: Shakespeare had no idea what it's like to be me
Via Giphy

Since this series did a complete curve-ball after the last cliffhanger, I'm expecting something equally unexpected for series 3!

TV Trailers

ALL of these trailers contain potential SPOILERS for Avengers 3 & 4, ok? Ok.


Like, you hope it's gonna be good, yeah? But you worry that it's not quite gonna be as good as you want it to be? But this trailer is The Sh**!!!

And the re-enactment of the iconic 'Loki for President' comics imagery?! Argh, I love it!!!!

(Warning: flashing images, mild violence)

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier looks awesome!

Obv., Marvel did us wrong by not admitting to the great love story that is, was, and always will be, Stucky (Steve and Bucky,) but I'm still excited for this series!

The 'I am done with all of this sh**' looks that Bucky keeps giving Sam in this trailer bode well (any bets on how many times they end up fighting each other? You know Marvel heroes have to fight each other before they fight the enemy!)

(Warning: flashing images, violence)

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We'll take a v. brief look at the main WandaVision trailer, as opposed to the butt-tonne of smaller trailers Disney+ have released, because you know I have limited patience for WandaVision.

(I give zero f**ks about these two - let Steve have his Bucky!)

Although, if they use it as a method to sneak Wiccan into the MCU, I'll forgive them (a girl can dream dammit!!!!)

(Warning: flashing images, mild violence)

Other Stuff

Elliot Page, star of Juno, X-Men, and The Umbrella Academy, came out as a Non-Binary Trans man using he/they pronouns.

And congratulations to them!

I'm also happy to say that he'll continue to play Vanya Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy - he's excellent in that role, and I honestly couldn't see anyone else playing her in the current adaptation.

A few people did object to this (because the Internet and/or media is a steaming cesspool,) but honestly? This show has a CGI talking-chimpanzee butler, and a robot mom.

Elliot Page: I just wish people could get over it. There's gay people, there's trans people. Can we move on?
Via Giphy


...And that's the first episode. It just gets weirder from there.

Elliot playing a woman (so long as he's comfortable doing so, of course,) really shouldn't be your line in the sand for realism.dividing line

Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri in Black Panther, has made some bad decisions regarding sharing an anti-Trans and Coronavirus conspiracy video. Which is disappointing, obv.

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Xochitl Gomez has been cast as America Chavez in Doctor Strange 2! 

I love America Chavez - she's an amazing character.

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And Peter Quill/Star-Lord is Queer**! And Polyamorous! least in the comics.

The comics have way more explicit diverse rep. than the movies etc. (#ClintBartonIsDeafDammit)

Still, something in my petty little Queer heart is delighted to think of Chris Pratt hearing about this... 😈😇 

(Pratt is part of a Homophobic church, in case you were wondering.)

** Probably Bisexual, but I prefer not to assume that he's Bi just because he's into more than one gender - there are other sexualities/identities that include attraction to multiple genders, dearest nerdlets.

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And to end, as is traditional, with some shameless self-promo, there's some awesome-sauce superhero shenanigans detailed in my 'Stand-Out Fics of 2020' post

What do you think of the new Disney+ Marvel trailers?

Are you an Umbrella Academy fan?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. Lot's of comic-related news happened at the end of the year! I'm so happy for Elliot Page. He's a Canadian and we're so lucky to have them :)

    I didn't know that there was a Ms. Marvel vol. 2! I had to read the first volume for a class a while ago and I remember really enjoying it.

    Great news about Star Lord as well. They probably won't make him queer in the rest of the Guardians movies because of well... Chris Pratt, but boy would it be satisfying if they did!

    1. Ha, yep! It's always the same - I take a break from comics posts, and *everything* happens. Lol!

      Elliot Page is amazing ofc :)

      I think there are like 7 or 8 volumes of the G. Willow Wilson series of Ms Marvel, and a couple of volumes of the Saladin Ahmed 'The Marvelous Ms Marvel' run :)

      Ha, it would be great. But I'm just hoping Loki'll be Queer in the MCU soon, cos he's been all sorts of Queer in the comics for *years*.


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