Friday 27 November 2020

Friday Fics Fix - My Stand-Out Fics of 2020


It's December in a matter of days, which means that Friday Fics Fix will be going on its annual Christmas holiday.

...So what better opportunity to look back on the fics that've really stood out to me in 2020?

(Don't answer that. It's rhetorical. I'm gonna do it anyway. 😎)

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2020 has been 2020.

So, I've totally been reading a butt-tonne of fanfiction as self-care. 

Because fanfiction is excellent for all the self-care purposes - whether you need deep and angsty, or sweet and fluffy, or you want to fulfil some very um, specific, tastes: fanfiction has it all!

(I don't judge. But if I never read another pumpkin sex fic, it'll be too soon. And yes, it happened again in October - how do they keep finding me?!)

So, these aren't necessarily the best fics of 2020 (that's arbitrary and subjective, anyhow,) it's just the ones that stuck with me (for good reasons, rather than disturbing intimacy with pumpkins reasons.)

Please check the tags on each fic and/or the Content Warning lists I made in the original rec. posts before reading, and always take it easy and take breaks/stop reading if you need to. Love ya dearest nerdlets!

(Oh, and I still somehow haven't finished series 2 of The Umbrella Academy (I'm on the last episode!) so please, no SPOILERS os gwelwch yn dda/please!)

The fic: Who You Gonna Call...? by riverwrenwrites 

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TUA)

First rec'd in: Cops and Ghosties

Why it's a stand-out: It's a diverse cop novel with Diego Hargreeves reimagined as a Trans male lead. It's amazing, it's well-written, and I would honestly buy it as a published detective novel (with SFF elements.)

Diego Hargreeves: Show me what you got
Via Giphy

The fic: A Minor Complication by kattahj

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TUA)

First rec'd in: Klaus and Ben's Guide to the Parenting of Dead Children

Why it's a stand-out: Klaus and Ben inadvertantly becoming responsible for a smol Non-Binary ghost child. I mean, it's well-written, and covers lots of different themes including mental health, but really, you only need that premise!

The fic: Be All You Can Be by flawedamethyst

Fandom: Marvel/MCU, The Winter Soldier, Hawkeye

First rec'd in: Clint and Bucky Undercover

Why it's a stand-out: A (non-Ace-excluding) Soulmates AU with M/M and diversity inclusion. If that's not enough, it's full of snark from Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton. Enjoy.

The fic: they're picking up pieces of me (while they're picking up pieces of you) by Ballofconfusion

Fandom: Marvel/MCU, Spider-Man, Iron Man

First rec'd in: Peter Parker is Not OK

Why it's a stand-out: Maybe it's just cos I literally rec'd this last week, maybe it's cos my brain responded to this fic with: AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! - but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it, tbh. All the feels.

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) hanging upside down by a web

Via Giphy

The fic: Cat Vigilante by GiuGiu

Fandom: The Umbrella Academy (TUA)

First rec'd in: Soft but Stabby

Why it's a stand-out: Diego Hargreeves saving a variety of strays, most of which are cats. I laughed out loud in places, this fic is awesome!

The fic: he's a regular disney princess by gendernoncompliant

Fandom: Haven (TV series)

First rec'd in: Returning to Haven

Why it's a stand-out: It's fun, weird, and involves people being turned into animals. Also, Duke Crocker and M/M romance

The fic: Drop by immortalitylost

Fandom: The Lost Boys

First rec'd in: Lost and Found

Why it's a stand-out: Well-written explicit gayification of Queer AF 1980s vampire film. What are you waiting for, honestly?

Friday Fics Fix is taking a break in December, and will be back on 8th January 2021

Read any good fanfics this year?

Did you notice how I managed to pick some fics which aren't Marvel or Umbrella Academy?

Talk to me! 😅💬

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