Thursday 15 April 2021

Comics Wrap-Up - Paint These Walls In Pitchfork Red


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It's Thursday, it's April, let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

TV Shows

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 4 - Oh. My. God.

I can't say much because this, as we all know, is a spoiler-free zone.

But... this ones a doozy.

Wow, like... wow. There's some brutal, shocking, stuff here - even for this series - so, be careful, k?

Here's a nice, happy gif of Sam and Bucky:

Sam and Bucky clasping arms
Via Giphy

Other Stuff

Marvel released the iconic Zemo Cut, because at heart they're 3 year old trolls 😉

dividing line

S W Sondheimer @ Book Riot has detailed some of the most notable superheroes to ever be named Captain America (you thought there was only one? You sweet summer child!) - this contains SPOILERS for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and discussions of violence and systemic racism

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Last week's Friday Fics Fix talked Umbrella Academy and sweet Hargreeves family-ness!

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And to end on some more shameless self-promo: if you wanna catch up on March's comics posts (or any other posts,) check out my March wrap-up

Fave non-Steve-Rogers Captain America?

Or can there only ever be one?

OMG, did you see ep 4 of TFATWS????

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'Paint these walls in pitchfork red' is from It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish* by My Chemical Romance

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  1. It's hard to imagine Captain America as anyone other than Steve Rogers, but that article was pretty cool. I love the idea of a Black Captain America. I wonder if we could even have a queer or trans Captain :)

    1. Well, there's a Gay Captain America 'of the Railroads' due this year! (There has already been much Homophobia from White dude bros.)

      I love the way The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has been looking at the implications of a Black Captain America - but in a subtle way.

  2. I watched the first episode of Falcon and Winter Soldier, but it just wasn't doing it for me. Hearing that there's some good reveals later on definitely makes me reconsider giving it a go.

    1. Each episode has a different vibe, but they're still clearly in the same series, so it's hard to explain, really. Episode 1 was very much a setting-things-up episode, so I'd try ep 2, where the plot starts to pick up, and see if you're feeling it or not. :)


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