Wednesday 7 April 2021

Month in Review(s) - March 2021

(Warning: this post briefly discusses family ill health, mental health problems, and Covid 19)

So, dearest nerdlets: March!

March was better for me personally as Nan's health, although still exceptionally fragile, has been a little better and more stable. Hopefully it'll stay that way and/or keep improving.

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Mental health wise I've still struggled more than a little this month, but any month you see the end of is a good one, right? 😅

I get a serious dip in mood in the evenings in particular, and I hate it. 👍

Wales is slowly coming out of Lockdown - which is good ofc, but also worrying.

I just hope people remember there's still a pandemic and stick to the rules.

March saw me publish my explanation of wtf went on between me and the UK Amazon Associates Programme.

I'd be totally grateful if you'd read that post because... I feel like this is something people need to be aware of.

I also set up a Medium account - in case you don't know, Medium is a blogging/writing platform which pays its writers according to dark algorithmic mystic principles.

Don't panic - Dora Reads is (and hopefully always will be,) my first and foremost priority with blogging. 

But I've been putting some of my blogpost archive up on Medium - mostly Nerd Church posts since they seem the most Medium-y, and generally involve less re-formatting on my part. 

I figure it's a way of getting a little extra mileage out of my old blogposts, getting them in front of a potentially fresh audience, and hopefully earning a few pennies along the way.

Speaking of, as of early April I've earned exactly $0.01! Woo! Unfortunately, due to the exchange rate that's actually less than £0.01, but I have an American penny if not a British one! Lol. 😅

Feel free to check out my profile 😊

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...I have no idea why some of these posts from years ago have suddenly become so popular, but I did cross-check my Blogger stats with my Google Analytics (GA thinks everything is spam traffic, even when I know it's not,) and GA agreed, so *shrugs* I hope you're enjoying some of my older posts! 😊

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That's March! How was yours?

Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. March felt like the longest month in the entire history of months, yet I am also confused that it's apparently already April. So... my March was, I guess, extremely in line with the general pattern of quarantine! I did get my first COVID jab, very exciting, and I am eagerly awaiting the day when I will be able to go in a shop now and then.

    1. Oh, that's cool that you got your 1st vaccination! (I have needle issues so I'm both looking forward to and dreading getting called up.) We've vaccinated around 1/3 of the population (1st dose) here in Wales - sometimes a small population is an advantage!

  2. I'm glad March was better, and I hope April is even moreso. That's funny you mention that about mood dips in the evening, because I've seen myself go through that too. Even though I sometimes consider myself a night person, I do think sunlight improves my mood (probably does for all of us, IDK) and yeah sometimes at night I'm more down. anyway, got me thinking. :)

    Thanks and have a great week!

    1. I think it's circadian rhythms or something *waves hands vaguely in direction of science,* and also I take my meds in the morning, so the effect wanes a little in the night, I think. *shrugs*

  3. Like Greg, I also get mood dips in the evening! I think maybe it's about worrying if I'll be able to get to sleep early or not. I didn't know it was so common for many people!

    Anyways, glad your Nan's health has been stable. I totally agree, any month you see the end of is a good thing. Hope you have a stress-free April!

    1. Thanks Em! And yeah - I totally get worrying about being able to sleep, unfortunately, that means that we're less likely to be able to sleep because we're worrying about it... dammit mental health traps!

      Have a good month Em <3

  4. Glad to hear your Nan's health is improving. Sorry you're mental health hasn't been great lately. I found the clocks going forward messed me up for a few days, strangely. I was tired and my moods were even more up and down than normal. I sometimes feel down in the evenings too. I get this anxious feeling that the day has gone too quickly and I haven't achieved anything.

    I don't know much about Medium but it sounds like a good idea to try to make some money off your old blog posts. Hope you get on well with it.

    1. Ugh, I hate the hour changing - I'm Dyscalculic, so I struggle with time anyway; literally *changing* the time is a nightmare!

      I don't think anyone really knows much about Medium - people just pretend they do ;) <3


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